The Nourish project

Nourish project awards

The Nourish project has been awarded two New London Architecture (NLA) Awards in the Learning and Community Prize categories. Read more about the awards.

What is the Nourish project?

The Nourish project forms part of H&F Council’s fight to end food poverty and tackle the climate emergency in H&F.

We’re working with our partners to bring greener, healthier and more sustainable improvements to the local community and open spaces with schemes on the Edward Woods and White City estates.

It includes:

  • delivering facilities for residents to grow, cook and eat healthy food
  • enhancing the public realm and open spaces
  • installing our award-winning sustainable drainage schemes (SuDS) as we futureproof the borough against localised flooding and boost its biodiversity.

We’re investing £2.3million of funding into the Nourish project, which is supported by a further £1.1million secured by the council from the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund.

Nourish on the Edward Woods Estate

The Nourish Hub

The Nourish Hub is a project to create a new community kitchen, that will be a space for local residents to meet and also work as a commercial kitchen, providing culinary training. It has been created by refurbishing a disused space on the ground floor of Swanscombe House at 1 St Ann's Road on the Edward Woods Estate. See the location on Google Maps.

The hub will be run by food charity, UK Harvest, and will provide opportunities for local people to come together to cook, eat and learn about how to eat more healthily. Healthy food will be cooked and served daily on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. The hub will also offer learning and training opportunities to local people.

Design of the hub

RCKa architects were appointed by the council to develop the design of the Hub working with the community and key stakeholders.

As part of the Design process, local children helped create a fresh fruit and vegetables inspired mural which has been painted on the ceiling of the Nourish Hub.

Image 1
Image caption: Image 1: Pictured left is the finished mural on the ceiling of the Nourish Hub, and pictured right are local children using fresh fruit and vegetables to create a design for the mural

When will the Nourish Hub open?

The major building works have now been completed and the hoarding has been removed from around the Nourish Hub. The finishing touches are now being made as UK Harvest get the new facility ready for the local community. An official opening date will be shared with you soon on this page.

For now, take a sneak peek of the Nourish Hub below and see what we've been up to over the past month. For regular updates you can also follow UK Harvest on social media.

To find out more about Nourish Hub cafe and cookery school please email or to register your interest in volunteering, email

Image 2
Image caption: Image 2: Four views of the Nourish Hub showing interior views, the ceiling mural and the exterior of the building

Keep updated

You might have seen that we're on social media providing updates about the Nourish Hub build and the activities that will take place from within the Hub. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to keep in the loop, or you can receive regular updates on UK Harvest’s activities via their e-newsletter.

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Edward Woods rain gardens project

We’re working with local residents and Groundwork London to deliver schemes to stop localised flooding. These rain gardens are also called ‘sustainable urban drainage’ schemes (SuDS).

The Nourish project will deliver various green infrastructure projects alongside the rain gardens to help climate-proof the estate by providing innovative flood risk management and improve air quality across the estate.

Improving open spaces on Edward Woods estate  

Over the past year, we have been speaking with residents and users of the estate and identified four key areas for greening improvements on Edward Woods Estate:

  • Boxmoor House green space
  • green space adjacent to the Edward Woods Community Centre
  • Swanscombe and St Ann's Road
  • green space by Hume House.

If you would like to know more or have any questions regarding this project please contact Harj Nijjar at or 07999 408 188.

Nourish on the White City Estate

White City rain gardens project

Groundwork London is delivering 3 phases of ‘rain gardens’ - Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems - SuDS projects on White City estate to improve climate resilience and air quality, as well as to enhance green spaces.

The physical works to create SuDS on the estate was completed in January 2021. Groundwork London's Green Team will continue to maintain the SUDs areas for the next six months to ensure they establish well and thrive in the long term.

More information about the Nourish SuDS projects.