Brownfield Register

Through the Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017, Local Planning Authorities in England are required to prepare, maintain and publish a register of previously developed (brownfield) land which is suitable for housing by 31 December 2017. Regulation 17 requires authorities to review their registers at least once a year.

The Hammersmith & Fulham brownfield register and site maps can be downloaded below. As required by the regulations, the brownfield register is provided in CSV, Excel and PDF format and populated in accordance with the government's published open data standard (pdf).

Registers must be prepared in accordance with statutory procedures and should be kept in two parts. Part 1 will include a list of brownfield sites appropriate for residential development and Part 2 (optional) should include those sites that will be granted permission in principle for housing.

Further details about Brownfield Land Registers and Permission in Principle can be found on the Department for Communities and Local Government’s website.

Brownfield Land Register: Part 1

The council has prepared a list of sites to be published in Part 1 of the brownfield land register. Sites have been included on the brownfield land register where they meet the criteria below:

  • the land has an area of at least 0.25ha or is capable of supporting at least five dwellings
  • the land is suitable, available and achievable for residential development.

The brownfield land register includes sites in Part 1 which have an unimplemented planning permission and are site allocations in the council’s Local Plan.

Brownfield Land Register: Part 2

Part 2 of the brownfield land register can include sites which have been granted permission in principle. At this stage, no sites have been granted permission in principle and therefore no sites are included on Part 2 of the brownfield land register.

Hammersmith & Fulham’s Brownfield Register will also form part of the London-wide Brownfield Register which is being coordinated by the Greater London Authority. Hammersmith & Fulham’s sites will be displayed on a London-wide web map on London datastore (live on 31/12/2017).

Brownfield Register Maps

Site Reference Site address
LBHF001 Carnwath Road Industrial Estate (pdf)
LBHF002 Albert Wharf, Swedish and Comleys Wharf (pdf)
LBHF003 Former Dairy Crest Site (pdf)
LBHF004 Five Star Carwash and MOT garages (pdf)
LBHF005 95 Goldhawk Road (pdf)
LBHF006 103-105 Lillie Road (pdf)
LBHF007 21 Effie Road (pdf)
LBHF008 Land adjacent to Jepson House (pdf)
LBHF009 181-187 King Street (pdf)
LBHF010 26 Sulivan Road and 92-116 Carnwath Road (pdf)
LBHF011 Watermeadow Court (pdf)
LBHF012 Hurlingham Retail Park (pdf)
LBHF013 111 -115 Wandsworth Bridge Road (pdf)
LBHF014 5 - 17 Michael Road (pdf)
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