The new permitted development rights

Guidance on what your permitted development rights are in Hammermsmith and Fulham.

Prior approval

i. for detached houses, the right to build an eight-metre, single-storey rear extension; and

ii. for semi-detached and terraced houses, the right to build a six-metre, single-storey rear extension

To ensure that residents can comment on any proposals for larger developments, the amended legislation includes a scheme for consultation with neighbours.

If you want to build an extension using these new rights, you will need to:

a. Complete the Householder Prior Approval Form. You can download it from the planning portal Householder prior approval form (pdf)

b. Supply the following plans:

  • i. Site Location Plan, at a scale of 1:1250 with the application site outlined in red;
  • ii. Scaled drawings of the existing and proposed elevations of the house.

c. Email your application to

There is no fee for this type of development.

Once we have received the application we will write to the occupiers of adjoining properties asking whether they object to the development.

If no objections are raised within 21 days, we will write to confirm that you can go ahead with your development.

If objections are raised to the development within 21 days of us writing to your neighbours, we will assess the proposed development and notify you of the decision.

In the event that you are able to proceed with your extension, you will still need to:

Offices to residential conversions require prior approval

Following the Article 4 direction which came into place on 28 April 2018, full planning permission is now needed for this type of change of use. See Article 4 directions

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