Making a planning application

Making a planning application in Hammersmith & Fulham.

Online planning applications

We strongly encourage you to apply online. You can apply online using the Planning Portal.

The Greater London Authority is leading a project which involves changes to the Planning Portal’s existing online application forms for submission to London Boroughs. This includes the addition of new questions and changes to a number of existing questions. This will enable planning authorities in London and the wider public to access information and data about planning proposals in a more effective way. 

As part of this there are a number of changes to how anyone submitting a planning application will interact with the planning system including a number of new questions on the 1APP planning application form. 

The data collected will also be available to you through the London Planning Datahub on the GLA website, in due course. You will be able to view the data relating to all other schemes in London, identify patterns and assess how it impacts your scheme. 

The industry has been working towards better planning and development data for a long time, a concept reinforced by the Planning White Paper, because it is recognised that this is the biggest barrier to innovation in the proptech and plantech sectors. 

This Local Digital Fund funded collaborative project between all of the Boroughs, the Mayor of London and back office system providers will create a step change in how development data provides insight into the future of our cities.  

Guidance notes on making an online planning application

Local validation checklists for different applications

Each planning application requires a set of supporting documents. These are set at national and local level and vary for each application.

View the validation checklist for your planning application:


Your application will not be valid until you send us all the required documents. Once we receive a valid application, we’ll consider it. The safety of residents and staff is of paramount importance.

You might want to use an architect to draw up plans for your proposal. We are not able to recommend an architect but you can find one on the architects' register.

Most common reasons for invalid applications

1) No Ordnance Survey map (OS Map)

Planning portal associated services to provide a OS Map

2) Incorrect or no fee

See fees below

3) Failure to send an appropriate flood risk assessment

See flood risk assessments

4) Failure to send an appropriate design and access statement

See design and access statement

5) Failure to send a construction methods statement for basement and/or light well excavation

See construction method statement

Please make sure all drawings sent with your application contain a metric scale bar.


The fee we charge to assess a planning application is set by the government and depends on the scale and nature of the proposed development.

Planning portal fee calculator

Fee schedule (pdf)

How to pay for your fees

  • Through the Planning Portal by credit or debit card
  • Through our secure online payments system by credit or debit card
  • Over the phone by debit or credit card. Call 020 8753 1081 and we’ll take your payment. When making payment please give the reference number (if you have one) or the address of the property

Community infrastructure levy

To find out if your development would be liable for CIL, and what you will need to do, visit our CIL webpage.

Download the Community Infrastructure Levy form (pdf)

Section 106 agreement

These agreements are normally to offset the impact of large-scale developments, and help ensure there are enough services and infrastructure, such as highways, recreational facilities, education, health and affordable housing to support new large scale developments. For more information visit: Section 106.

Planning performance agreements (PPA)

This is our new project management tool to help you with more complex applications. Visit our planning performance agreements web page for more information.

What happens after a planning decision is made?

Find out what happens after a decision is made.

Making a planning application by post

Application forms are available to download on the planning portal.

Planning Portal - paper forms

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