View PCN videos

Online viewing of video footage of alleged parking and traffic contraventions that were issued from 16th July 2012 onwards

How to view the video online

View CCTV video footage of your alleged contravention visit. You will need to enter your full PCN number (including the HZ prefix) and your vehicle registration number (with no spaces) to submit a viewing request.

Your request will then be processed and you will be notified by email when your footage is available for viewing. (NB. Notification via text message/SMS is also available - please leave the email fields blank before pressing the 'submit' button to obtain this option). The email or text/SMS notification will normally arrive within 24 hours. Should the notification not arrive within 24 hours, please use the link above again and re-enter your details to see if the video has been prepared for you and is ready for viewing.

Compatibility and viewing problems

Most forms of software and devices are compatible and allow playback of the traffic contravention videos. However, if you experience difficulties viewing the video, these can often be resolved by using the latest version of Microsoft Windows software, an up-to-date PC and the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. For further information, please see the "compatibility" and "help" links on the "viewmypcn" web page using the link above. Please be aware that we do not send out DVDs for CCTV PCNs before the appeal stage. If you still have problems viewing the video after following the advice above, please email us at, including a screen shot of the problem and a detailed explanation of the error to enable us to assist you.  

Appeals to the independent adjudicator

When an Appeal against a CCTV PCN has been made to the independent adjudicator (PATAS), the council sends a copy of the CCTV footage on DVD, to both the appeals service and the person making the appeal. You DO NOT need to send the appeals service a copy of this video. 

CCTV code of practice (pdf)

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