FIRST LOOK: Shifters at Bush Theatre

Bush Theatre’s new romance has fiery passion and shocking revelations – it’s not one to miss and is on until 30 March.

Pictured left to right are Heather Agyepong (Des) and Tosin Cole (Dre) in 'Shifters' at Bush Theatre
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Craig Fuller

From sweet moments, and fun and fiery passion, through to heartbreak, tragedy, and shocking revelations – it’s not one to miss.

Written by Benedict Lombe, Shifters tells the story of ex-high school sweethearts Dre (Tosin Cole), a London boy with Nigerian heritage, and Des (Heather Agyepong), a middle-class British Congolese girl, who meet again, years after their breakup. 

Tosin and Heather perfectly portray the awkwardness and excitement of young love, and the discomfort of bumping into someone you used to date. 

Almost never leaving the stage, they bring you seamlessly with them through 16 years of life and friendship. 

We see them experience their awkward teenage years and chaotic twenties, time travelling through clever lighting, body language, and their inner monologues spoken aloud.

Throughout the play the stage is almost entirely empty. 

Located in the middle of the theatre and lit with hanging strip lighting, it morphs from school classroom to nightclub, Dre’s Nana’s house and a student flat, all with the help of a few small black boxes.

Brining the audience along

The strengths of the script, characters and Tosin and Heather’s talent is highlighted by the audience’s audible reactions. 

Onlookers don’t hold back from clapping, gasping, tutting, and whooping at Dre and Des’ highs and lows.

Both have experienced a lot in their time apart but, despite every uncomfortable truth, the characters’ childhood friendship and natural chemistry rolls of the talented pair effortlessly.

Their long-awaited kiss – one that every audience member is rooting for – is bittersweet and leaves the audience wanting more well after the curtains have closed.  

Catch it while you can

Shifters is on at Bush Theatre until Saturday 30 March.

Dates include a special performance Monday 11 March with a post-show QA with director Lynette Linton and the creative team.

Tickets are available from £15 via Bush Theatre’s website.

Heather Agyepong as Des and Tosin Cole as Dre
Image credit
Craig Fuller

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