Make the switch! Cargo bike discounts help H&F businesses cut costs and pollution

More than 100 H&F businesses have turned to Parcels Not Pollution to choose cargo bikes over van deliveries.

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Tim de Ket with his new cargo bike that he purchased through the Parcels Not Pollution scheme

More and more Hammersmith & Fulham businesses are making the switch to cargo bike deliveries to cut costs and carbon emissions.

Since September 2022, H&F’s pollution-busting Parcels Not Pollution scheme has worked with more than 100 local businesses to help them choose cargo bikes over vans for their deliveries around the borough.

It’s part of our work to reduce the number of car journeys within the borough in order to clean our local air, all while supporting local businesses and boosting the local economy.

Among the proud new bike owners are Fulham Valeting dry cleaners and family business Stalwart Crafts.

“The bike is great; it’s so convenient,” said Tim de Ket, founder and managing director of Stalwart Crafts. “It’s fast, easy to use, and perfectly aligns with our mission to run a through-and-through sustainable business. It’s a win-win-win.”

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Apron makers Stalwart Crafts displaying their range of high-end aprons and other culinary accessories

Sustainable business

The Dutch-born apron maker purchased a cargo bike through Parcels Not Pollution after learning about the scheme at North End Road Christmas market last year.

Image 3

Among Stalwart Crafts' customers is high-end, West London based restaurant Bow Bar

Working in partnership with MP Smarter Travel, H&F businesses can get free advice on which cargo bike or courier service best suits their needs.

Tim uses his bike to offer safe and speedy deliveries to new and existing clients across the borough.

His collection of sustainable leather products caters to a wide range of businesses, from barbers, butchers and blacksmiths through to tattoo artists, high-end restaurants and cocktail bars.

“All of our products are sourced from sustainable, raw materials,” said Tim.

The business carries a variety of fairtrade materials such as cork and apple leather, as well as genuine leather, made from cowhide that would otherwise go to waste.

“The initial cost for a real leather apron may be higher. But standard cotton aprons need to be washed every day. That kind of energy use creates lots of emissions and can rack up bills overtime.”

Parcels Not Pollution

Cargo bikes are the smarter delivery choice over petrol-fuelled delivery vans as they don’t require a driving licence, nor do businesses need to factor in parking or emissions charges.

They can be faster than a van as they’re able to use cycle lanes and, with zero exhaust emissions, they can help cut local air pollution levels too.

Parcels Not Pollution is open to businesses, charities, market stallholders and any other H&F-based organisation looking to make sustainable changes to their day-to-day deliveries.

The support offered also includes one-time subsidies of up to £600 towards leasing or purchasing a cargo bike, including electric ones.

To find out more and get involved, visit our Parcels Not Pollution webpage.

Less carbon, more cargo

Meanwhile in Sands End, new cargo bike bays have been installed on the Chelsea Harbour estate in Harbour Avenue.

Next, the programme will see the installation of new parcel lockers, making it easier than ever for couriers and Fulham residents to drop off and collect deliveries on foot or by bike.

H&F’s cycling infrastructure expansion forms part of our wider work with residents to create a more cycle-friendly borough.

This includes:

Image 4

New cargo bike bays are now available to Chelsea Harbour estate residents in Sands End

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