TOP 10: What is H&F renting at the new Library of Things?

The new Library of Things is proving popular with residents after recording more than 300 rentals since it opened.

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Hammersmith resident Heather at the Library of Things at Livat shopping mall in King Street

The new Library of Things is proving popular with residents after recording more than 300 rentals since it opened.

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Hammersmith's Library of Things opened in late June 2022

The new self-service kiosk opened its doors at Livat shopping mall in Hammersmith less than three months ago.

The Library provides a practical way for you to save money and cut household clutter by renting household items you don’t need often. Tools that help residents with their DIY tasks, host movie nights and keep their carpets clean have been particularly popular.

Additional concession rates of 25 per cent are available to local residents who feels it would help them.

Most rented items – September:

  1. Carpet cleaner – £19.50 per day
  2. Cordless drill – £8 per day / £32 a week
  3. Heavy duty pressure washer – £10 per day / £40 a week
  4. SDS drill – £8 per day / £32 a week
  5. Hand sander – £8 per day
  6. Jigsaw – £8 per day / £32 a week
  7. Hedge trimmer – £9 per day / £36 a week
  8. Steam cleaner – £9.50 per day / £38 a week
  9. Extendable ladder – £6 per day / £24 a week
  10. Projector – £13 per day / £52 a week.

Making the switch

The catalogue includes a range of practical household items, available to rent on a pay-as-you-go basis from a few pounds a day.

“Hammersmith is off to a fantastic start,” said Juliana Velez, Local Community Activator for Hammersmith Library of Things.

“It's been so exciting to see hundreds of residents make the switch from buying to borrowing, reducing waste and making a positive impact.

“We are incredibly grateful and hope that more and more people decide to join the movement.”

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Juliana Velez at the launch of Hammersmith's Library of Things

Cost-of-living crisis support

H&F’s Library of Things forms part of the actions the council is taking to empower residents to make more sustainable choices about the things they use as we work to make H&F a greener, kinder and stronger borough.

Borrowing for a fraction of the cost of buying also provides a convenient way to save money, which is all the more important during the cost-of-living crisis. Head over to the Library of Things Hammersmith website to browse more than 30 DIY, hobbying, cleaning, gardening and cooking Things.

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