Don’t buy! Borrow at H&F’s new Library of Things

Why buy when you can borrow? Now, you can do that at Hammersmith & Fulham’s first Library of Things.

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Now open! Deputy Leader Cllr Ben Coleman unveils H&F's first Library of Things in Hammersmith Livat

Why buy when you can borrow? Now, you can do that at Hammersmith & Fulham’s first Library of Things.

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Residents can now rent items for cooking, garden and DIY at the borough’s first Library of Things

Set to save residents money, the new community hotspot opened its doors at Hammersmith Livat shopping mall this week. It offers a range of useful household, DIY and gardening items, available to rent from only a few pounds a day.

For details on how to get started:

Visit H&F's Library of Things

“We want to bring our community together and create a less wasteful borrow-don’t-buy culture during the Cost-of-Living crisis,” said H&F Leader Cllr Stephen Cowan.

“This fantastic new community space is a great step forward in making Hammersmith & Fulham the greenest and happiest borough in Britain.”

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H&F Deputy Leader Cllr Ben Coleman at the Library of Things launch event

Climate Action Week

H&F residents can now reserve items online, ready to collect from a self-service kiosk in the King Street shopping mall.

Conveniently located across from the IKEA cafe, the lockers already feature more than 20 top brand products you only use now and then, including various power tools as well as a carpet cleaner, sewing machine and ice cream maker.

Cllr Ben Coleman, Deputy Leader of H&F Council, unveiled the new and unconventional Library alongside local residents earlier this week (27 June). “It was a fantastic way to start Climate Action Week,” he said.

As part of Climate Action Week 2022, H&F has been hosting an exciting programme of events. With a mix of in-person and online activities, at different venues all around the borough, there’s something for everyone.

And there’s still time to get involved! Visit our Climate Action Week page to learn more.

Queen Caroline TRA chair Shirley Cupit was among those celebrating the big launch: “It’s only when a lot of people come together, that real things happen!”

Making a difference

Shirley Cupit, Hammersmith resident and chair of the Queen Caroline Estate Tenants and Residents Association, cut the ribbon on launch day.

“I was really pleased to be contacted by H&F very early on, doing what this council does very well, which is involve residents and talk to residents to find out what we think,” she said.

“For a lot of our residents, the Library of Things will make all the difference. Especially those with a smaller living space. It’s going to make it possible for people to look after their homes and their environment in a way that’s affordable.”

Items can be rented for up to 14 days, with ‘one day’ rentals allowing borrowers to keep the item overnight.

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From left to right - Shirley Cupit, H&F Deputy Leader Cllr Ben Coleman and Michelle George

Through partnerships with established brands like Bosch, Kärcher and STIHL, the Library is able to offer all-new, high-quality products that are built to last.

Most of them are less than £10 a day to rent, including:

  • Garden shears – £2 a day / £8 a week
  • Heavy duty pressure washer – £10 a day / £40 a week
  • Cordless hedge trimmer – £9 a day / £36 a week
  • Ice cream maker – £6 a day / £24 a week
  • Cordless drill – £8 a day / £32 a week
  • Sewing machine – £8 a day / £32 a week
  • Steam cleaner – £9.50 a day / £38 a week.

Additional concession rates of 25 per cent are available to anyone who feels it would help them.

Reserve your favourite items now.

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H&F Sustainability Champion Michelle George spoke on the benefits of borrowing rather than buying new

Borrow in the borough

Also joining on the day was Michelle George, Shepherds Bush resident and lead of H&F’s new Sustainability Champions project.

She explained how borrowing is not only a great way to save money. It can also help reduce waste, cut down on clutter in our homes and help protect our climate.

“Sometimes you want to start a project but don’t have the funds or space for that item,” she said.

“The Library is right on your doorstep. You don’t have to travel or buy expensive things that fill up your flat only to be never used again. It’s also a way for residents to reduce the carbon in our air – all by doing a very simple thing like borrowing.”

The Sustainability Champions project was recently launched by H&F Council to help residents lead on projects that benefit people and planet.

Become a Sustainability Champion

Got an idea to help the community and planet?

Become a Sustainability Champion. For more information, please contact Michelle George on

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H&F Climate Change Commissioner Helen Dell (left) with Sustainability Champion Michelle George (right)

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