Cycle lane upgraded in Shepherds Bush

Newly installed cycle wands have replaced the former red and white plastic barriers along Uxbridge Road.

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H&F's newest segregated cycle lane in Uxbridge Road, W12

New wands are helping protect cyclists and e-scooter riders in Shepherds Bush.

Newly installed cycle wands have replaced the former red and white plastic barriers along Uxbridge Road.

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Entry point of the protected cycle lane around Goldhawk Road

At over three foot tall, the reflective wands form a segregated lane to help guide motorists and keep cyclists and e-scooter riders safe.

In case of an emergency, blue light services including ambulances and fire trucks are able to drive over the wands and use the cycle lane to bypass queuing traffic.

“It is lovely to see more cycling infrastructure in H&F," said A. Mangat, 48, who's been living in H&F for eight years.

Uxbridge Road and Wood Lane are busy roads, so providing visible protection for anyone using their own steam is to be applauded.

“The new wands have made the road look much bigger and cleaner. I really hope it encourages more H&F residents – and our lovely neighbours passing through – to cycle."

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Not only bikes and e-scooters but mobility scooters as well are welcome to use the new protected lane

Have you spotted them?

The new wands are located between Godolphin Road and Shepherds Bush Green along Uxbridge Road, including:

North side:

  • 336-298 Uxbridge Road, between Godolphin Road and Loftus Road bus stop
  • 264-250 Uxbridge Road, around Tunis Road
  • 236-230 Uxbridge Road, across from Tesco Express and the White Horse
  • 216-206 Uxbridge Road, around Frithville Gardens
  • 198-172 Uxbridge Road, between Bush Theatre and Wood Lane
  • 164-122 Uxbridge Road along Shepherds Bush Green, between Wood Lane and Caxton Road.

South side:

  • between Godolphin Road and Warbeck Road
  • 1-7 Uxbridge Road, between Wood Lane and Bush Theatre.

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Looking for a quick and easy way to get around town? H&F is home to 250 Lime rental e-bicycles

Safer streets for Shepherds Bush

The Shepherds Bush improvement works form part of H&F’s ongoing efforts to create a more cycle-friendly borough for residents and visitors.

“I've been cycling for more than 10 years and have been impressed by the dedicated cycle lanes on King Street," said A. Mangat.

According to TfL data (pdf 2.6MB), safety and the perception of unsafe road conditions are the main reasons given by Londoners for why they don’t cycle.

By providing a physical separation from other road users, segregated cycle lanes can help break down these barriers.

As an early response to the Covid pandemic, temporary barriers had initially been introduced to help reinforce existing cycling infrastructure, create safer roads and, as a result, further encourage cycle uptake.

As sturdier and more cost-efficient road features, the new cycle bollards have already proven popular with local residents:

Link to a Tweet on from user Lauren O'Brien

Other than serving as a layer of protection against moving traffic, the wands help keep the cycle lane clear of unwanted obstacles, including parked cars that would otherwise pose a safety risk, especially for beginner cyclists.

Now bicycle, e-scooter as well as mobility vehicle users can feel at ease, knowing they’re better protected on their journeys through the busy town centre.

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Better protected cargo thanks to H&F’s new segregated cycle lane

Next phase of the scheme

The scheme will soon be rolled out in Wood Lane, W12, allowing cyclists safe passage from Westfield shopping centre to the White City Innovation District and back.

The Wood Lane wands will be located between Uxbridge Road and South Africa Road, including:

West side:

  • 1-17 Wood Lane, between Uxbridge Road and the Westfield shopping centre side entrance
  • 45 Wood Lane and the corner to MacFarlane Road
  • between Ariel Way and the Television Centre campus.

East side:

  • between White City tube station and Ariel Way
  • between Ariel Way to MacFarland Road
  • 57-13 Wood Lane, between the White City bus stop and Shepherds Bush Library.

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Safer cycling in Shepherds Bush

Get on your bike!

Are you ready to cycle?

Join one of our FREE cycling classes to learn how to safely navigate road traffic and build your confidence on H&F streets.

“I can recommend cycle training," added A. Mangat.

"I took some lessons in my 5th year of riding. I learned lots!"

Children AND adults welcome! For more details, visit our cycle training and maintenance page.

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