H&F invests £5.4m in CCTV network boost

H&F is investing £5.4million to improve and grow its network of CCTV cameras over the next five years.

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H&F’s new CCTV control room

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is investing £5.4million to improve and grow its network of CCTV cameras over the next five years.

Ensuring the safety of H&F’s visitors and residents is our number one priority. And to help keep our streets safe, we have created the highest density network of CCTV cameras compared to any local authority in the UK.

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A group of young men on the Becklow Gardens Estate, W12, captured by one of H&F’s CCTV cameras

Deputy Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham, Cllr Sue Fennimore said: “This investment enables us to expand our CCTV network, upgrade where we need to, and take full advantage of new and modern technology.

“Let’s be clear, CCTV plays a huge part in the justice system. The police rely on that system to ensure that criminals are brought to justice. And our work in partnership with the police on this is critical.”

Cracking down on knife crime

Our CCTV operators work in close partnership with local businesses and have direct radio communications with the police.

Earlier this month, H&F’s CCTV team assisted the police in removing five large knives from the streets.

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Caught red handed, suspects in the process of discarding their knives as police officers swarm the estate

Following a request called in from local police, our CCTV operators were able to provide shots from our network of a suspicious group of young men in Askham Court in Uxbridge Road.

CCTV operators were able to confirm a group of 16 men. The group soon left Askham Court to move on to Becklow Gardens estate on the other side of Uxbridge Road.

H&F’s operators continued to keep an eye on the group until approximately one hour later, when one of our estate cameras picked up one of the young men hiding a large machete knife in the gutter of a garage roof.

H&F operators immediately flagged this with local police, providing them with a description of the knife and the suspect. Shortly after, police swarmed the estate.

This caused the group to discard additional weapons on the roof before fleeing the estate. Guided by our CCTV team, police were able to recover a large “Rambo style” knife as well as three smaller lock knives.

Image 4

One of H&F’s 11-strong team of CCTV operators reviewing live camera footage

Investing in H&F’s safety

CCTV is a vital part of H&F’s proactive approach to crack down on local crime. It allows our crime-fighting services to identify criminal activities as they occur, providing and additional means to keep women and girls safe while tackling knife, drug and organised crime.

H&F already has the highest density of CCTV cameras per person compared to any local authority in the UK. There are currently more than 1,850 cameras in public spots across the borough: one for every 100 residents.

H&F’s cameras cover public areas, housing estates and shopping malls around the borough. In addition, our CCTV operators have access to the body cameras worn by H&F’s Law Enforcement officers.

The cameras’ live feed is being monitored by our 11-strong CCTV team every day, 24/7, allowing us to identify criminals and instruct the police and our new Law Enforcement Team to take action if necessary.

The CCTV investment comes in addition to our £4.6m-a-year investment in our Law Enforcement Team and a further £1m for a new specialised Gangs Unit dedicated to safeguarding children and young people.

Combined, our crime fighting services provide the people of H&F with one of the most comprehensive and effective community safety offers in London.

Image 5

Live footage from one of our cameras in Shepherds Bush, W12

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