Cheaper parking for visitors in North End Road

H&F Council has introduced 28 new reduced-price shopper parking bays near North End Road at just 20p for 30 minutes.

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Full-sized North End Road mural outside West Brompton tube station

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has introduced 28 new reduced-price shopper parking bays near North End Road at just 20p for 30 minutes. It’s just part of the range of improvements we’re making to the Fulham road.

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New lamppost banner in North End Road

The new reduced-price bays have been added to the existing 22 shopper parking bays in the Coomer Place car park – making a total of 50 reduced-price bays.

Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for the Economy, said: “More shopper parking is just one of the things we’re doing to boost Fulham’s North End Road as a visitor destination, along with new footways, flowerbeds and trees plus water and electricity for market traders.

“We’re also making the road jollier with new lamppost banners and encouraging visitors to North End Road with a full-sized mural outside West Brompton tube station. Further improvements are on their way.”

The new lamppost banners can be seen all along North End Road and Lillie Road, with a large mural outside West Brompton tube.

Shoppers can now park for only 20p for 30 minutes in just two steps:

  • Register with RingGo by downloading the app or calling them on 020 7371 5678.
  • Book parking via the RingGo app or by calling RingGo on 020 3292 9230. Sessions can also be extended this way during the visit.

Location of shopping parking bays in North End Road

Diagram showing location of parking bays close to North End Road. Selcombe Road, Racton Road, Anselm Road, Halford Road, Armadale Road and Eustace Road to the north. Coomer Place to the south.

Parking easier and cheaper

We’ve also made parking easier and cheaper for NER businesses and traders.

They can now apply for up to two permits per business or stall – and this can be for as short a period as one month.

And as part of our green agenda, if they drive hybrids which emit less than 75g/km of CO2, they get half-price parking with a Green Parking Permit.

Fully electric vehicles park for free with an Electric Vehicle Permit.

See our business parking permits page for details.

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