“My carers were amazing”, declares Fulham resident

In 2014, Hammersmith & Fulham Council abolished all costs for home health care visits.

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Pictured are members of H&F Council's reablement team

In 2014, Hammersmith & Fulham Council abolished all costs for home health care visits.

H&F remains the only borough in the country to offer free home care. It’s only possible thanks to our financial efficiency and determination to make H&F a great place to live, no matter your age.

Importantly, free home care allows residents to live as independent a life as possible and ensures those who need help with everyday tasks, from personal hygiene to making a bed, can access the support they need.

Helping people get back on their feet

H&F works hard every day to get residents back on their feet after an illness or hospital stay. We currently support over 2,000 people with healthcare needs in their homes.

One beneficiary of the free service is lifelong Fulham resident Josephine Addai-Adutwum, 46, who recently received reablement support after hospital treatment for mobility issues.

After an assessment, Josephine – who had originally lost the ability to walk – was referred for a week of daily home visits to get her back on her feet after treatment.

“Once the care was confirmed, everything happened really quickly,” Josephine said. “The care was completely designed to support me, and my needs were listened to. They gave me so much compassion and help, they treated me like a human being and were so kind and understanding.”

Josephine received from H&F a mix of personal care and support around the house, all focused on ensuring she was comfortable and healthy, and in a safe, clean environment that supported her physical and mental recovery.

“My carers were amazing. They made me comfortable and went above and beyond. I am so thankful that there are people out there that care so much.”

Prior to working with our team, Josephine’s recovery had been supported by her sister and grownup children. Her sister now lives with Josephine to ensure that the progress made through her family’s help and the support of our reablement team continues.

H&F’s reablement service

Our reablement service in the Adult Social Care team provides residents with free, home-based support after medical treatment. This care ranges from social chats that support mental wellbeing, to care around the house and medical assistance such as changing bandages.

The team’s goal is to support a resident’s recovery through a focused, short period of care, that strengthens their independence.

If you’d like to apply for this service, or find out more about our adult social care services, please visit our help at home page.

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