Welcoming Afghan refugees

H&F residents have been offering practical support to Afghan refugees through the charity West London Welcome (WLW).

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Banner from the West London Welcome (WLW) welcome event in H&F last weekend

As H&F prepares to settle a second Afghan family in the borough next week, local residents have been offering their own practical support through the charity West London Welcome (WLW). Its volunteer team and translators were able to offer a big warm welcome to families in temporary accommodation here last weekend.

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Afghan refugees attending the WLW welcome event in H&F

WLW has been working with refugees for over three years and is now helping lead the voluntary effort with newly-arrived people from Afghanistan. It is currently co-ordinating a mass distribution of clothing with partners at neighbouring Kensington & Chelsea Mutual Aid on Saturday.

WLW is asking for donations, and volunteer time – including sorting and distributing clothes tomorrow (Saturday 18 September) in Earls Court. Also needed are volunteer speakers of Pashto to act as interpreters.

Meanwhile, the first Afghan family provided permanent accommodation through H&F has settled in and two of the children will be starting school next week.

H&F will continue to support Afghan families in temporary accommodation before they move on to their new homes elsewhere. We have connected them to medical services and provided employment support and training, household budgeting and legal advice and welfare advocacy.

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