Join our Tech4Kids appeal to end digital poverty

More than 1,500 local pupils are in urgent need of computers or internet connectivity at home. Please donate now.

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We’re working with charity UNITED in H&F and social enterprise Ready Tech Go

More than 1,500 local pupils are in urgent need of computers or internet connectivity at home.

Now, we’ve joined forces with charity UNITED in Hammersmith & Fulham (now and social enterprise Ready Tech Go to supply digital devices and data for every local family in need. The goal is to raise £150,000 in donations, in addition to donated devices.

Can you help us provide 1,500 laptops and 500 sim cards to every young learner in H&F so they can thrive digitally? You can give any amount today:

  • £1,500 can ensure that 10 disadvantaged pupils in a school do not miss out on vital digital skills
  • £150 can provide a laptop to a young person in need of catching up with classes and for homework
  • £20 can provide an essential data sim card to a child struggling with internet access.

Cllr Larry Culhane, H&F Cabinet Member for Children and Education, said: “The damage this pandemic has caused our children will last long after we return to any sort of normality.

“Please support us and our schools in continuing to close this digital divide with a donation so all students can keep up with their learning, catch up on anything they have missed and be best prepared for any further consequences of this tragic pandemic.”

Help us end digital poverty

Meet Sophia. She’s 11 and lives in Hammersmith. She started secondary school in in September but has struggled without a laptop to participate in some classes and even form friendships.

Meet Gio. He’s six and lives in Fulham. He has a tablet PC, but no internet service. His mother recently lost work and has been unable to afford broadband at a time when she has to prioritise food and heating. Their occasional access to mobile phone data top-ups mean Gio is often left unable to sign in to join his class for online lessons.

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Ready Tech Go also enable anyone who cannot access basic online services to get connected

The Covid pandemic has highlighted that many children and young people – like Sophia and Gio – have been unable to participate in online schooling during periods of lockdown or isolation.

This issue also means that they are less likely to be able to catch up with missed lessons or to complete homework in ordinary times, and that they are highly unlikely to develop vital digital skills needed to prosper in later work and life.

“Bridging the digital divide is a daunting task,” said Nikos Souslous, co-founder and secretary at Ready Tech Go. “But we gain strength from the support we receive from local residents and, above all, the smiles on faces the moment someone gets a device in their hands.”

What we’ve done so far

We are calling on local people and businesses to help us to fill the gaps and ensure that no local children miss out on school lessons.

During the Covid pandemic, H&F has worked with local schools and organisations to distribute more than 1,700 laptops and devices to support local pupils who need to access online schoolwork.

Although we’re working with our local schools to continue to distribute laptops, we estimate more than 1,500 children are still at risk of missing out due to a lack of a device or required data.

Local social enterprise Ready Tech Go can collect, wipe, and share old laptops and tablet PCs with pupils in need in the local area.

If you are a corporate, individual or foundation who can give significantly more, email Savraj at to discuss a larger donation today.

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