Thousands keep H&F safer from Covid

More than 10,000 of our neighbours have now taken a rapid test to protect their households. Book yours now.

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Our Covid-19 testing team at Shepherds Bush Library

As Covid cases continued to soar, more than 10,000 residents and workers in H&F have now taken a rapid test to protect their households against further infection. Hundreds of others have also received their second dose of the vaccine.

Every day for the past few weeks, residents have booked and taken tests at each of our three H&F sites in Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith and Sands End. And this weekend many more will take advantage of the lockdown rules which allow people to go out for such tests and book one for themselves.

The NHS has highlighted how one in three people with the virus have no symptoms and unintentionally become a “Silent Spreader” in the home and in the community. Those testing positive are obliged to isolate and can then, where necessary, take advantage of financial support.

What some of our residents think

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