Old Oak primary school celebrates a lockdown ‘pyjama-rama’ reading day

Old Oak primary school spread a bit of cheer by hosting a pyjama party reading day.

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Reception and Year 3 brothers from Old Oak primary enjoying the school's Lockdown Library

Six weeks after it closed its classroom doors, Old Oak primary school spread a bit of cheer by hosting a pyjama party reading day.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, school teachers encouraged families to use their daily exercise time to walk to the school and enjoy their pavement ‘Lockdown Library’ – while wearing their cosy pjs.

The Mellitus Street school in East Acton had over 200 books on display for the children to choose from – ranging from picture books to science fiction titles. Most of the books were donated by generous members of the community, along with books from their own library.

Joe Brown, Headteacher of Old Oak, said: “It was nice to see children collect reading books from the school playground. It’s a great use of daily exercise time.”


The event was inspired by the Book Trust’s Pyjamarama Day, which celebrates literature, books and stories – all while cuddling up wearing your favourite pjs.

Old Oak teachers Iona McCartney and Elisabeth Hepworth wore their favourite pjs and greeted families (at a safe distance) in the playground who came to borrow a book.

Due to its popularity, Old Oak teachers have decided to make it a regular event – not least as it gave them an ‘opportunity to see the children we miss so dearly’.

The Lockdown Library will take place again on Friday 22 May from 11am to 3pm by the KS1 gate. Families are encouraged to come and exchange their books for a new one.

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Old Oak teachers Elisabeth Hepworth (pictured left) and Iona McCartney (pictured right)

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