Hammersmith school windows shine bright with rainbows amid coronavirus outbreak

A message of solidarity went on display at a primary school in Hammersmith this week.

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The rainbow art created by pupils at Brackenbury Primary School in Dalling Road

A message of solidarity went on display at a primary school in Hammersmith this week.

Brackenbury Primary School in Dalling Road remains open to the children of keyworkers and vulnerable children during the coronavirus outbreak. So, Deputy Headteacher Georgina Ross worked with pupils in school and at home and with mums and dads to create this wonderful display in honour of NHS staff and keyworkers across H&F.

The project was inspired by the #ClapForCarers moment last Thursday, which saw millions of Britons take to the streets to express their gratitude for the NHS.

More photos of the project

According to Dave Collins, Headteacher at Brackenbury, the rainbows were created to show ‘our keyworker community our gratitude’.

For those children currently at home, a letter was sent to parents inviting the family to draw and paint pictures of rainbows in order to spread joy to frontline workers.

Brackenbury is hoping to fill every pane of glass at the school with a different picture to say thank you to ‘all the wonderful people working hard to look after us’.

So far, they have received 134 pictures – from both pupils and their parents.

Daisy, a Year 3 pupil, said: “I made my rainbow to thank the NHS for helping people.”

Mr Collins added: “We have been open every day for our key worker families. Our teachers and support staff are taking it in turn to come into school.

“In addition, our teachers are writing letters to the children working at home each week and we are setting daily activities to support learning at home.

“It is such a strange time – but I am proud of how our school community has come together.”

Jade Husted, a teacher at Brackenbury, who has been coming into school to help support the community, said: “It’s really important we all do our bit for the community and carry on supporting our children and families.”

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