H&F’s eco-cargo bike delivery service hits 1,000 parcels

Popular service is set to expand locations delivery times to help fight the climate emergency.

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A Parcels not Pollution e-cargo bike moving along a street in Hammersmith

Now’s the time for businesses to join our pollution-busting parcel delivery service.

The cargo bike service has just completed more than 1,000 journeys in the borough - and we’re only just getting started.

Our Parcels not Pollution service was launched last September. It uses an e-cargo bike for business deliveries in Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush town centres. It’s a great way for you to get your business on the right side of the climate emergency debate and to improve air quality in our town centres.

With most journeys involving several deliveries, it means potentially thousands of polluting van trips removed from our busy town centres.

“We launched this service because making our borough a cleaner, better place to live and work,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment. “It’s great to see this service being so well used as businesses join our efforts to fight the climate emergency.”

Sign-up is simple and it’s an easy way for businesses to make a small change that could have a massive impact.

Growing in popularity

So far, dozens of local businesses are signed up to the service, which uses an emissions-free e-bike for the last leg of parcel delivery to help reduce the environmental impact of freight traffic in H&F.

The scheme is available in both Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush - with plans to expand to Fulham town centre shortly. Along with expanding locations, delivery hours have also been extended and will now run from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

The riders have already covered thousands of miles around the borough, meaning less air pollution, less noise and fewer polluting vans.

The service removes hundreds of polluting diesel vans and lorry deliveries from our streets, as part of our effort to tackle the climate emergency.


How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier. Businesses sign-up to the scheme and just change the delivery address from their own, to the Parcels not Pollution freight hub.

H&F Council is partnering with Hammersmith BIDTransport for London and e-cargobikes on the scheme. Goods arrive at the freight hub in Ladbroke Grove.

For all goods arriving before 3pm, deliveries will be made the same day by cargo bike, between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Best of all, there’s no charge.

The removal of delivery van journeys from the borough helps improve air quality, while reducing traffic and congestion too.

Get more information or register to use the service.

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