Hammersmith entrepreneur lands life-changing deal with help of local business network

It all started in 1997, when he received an invitation by fax to a local business group meeting.

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Founder of ASTOP Shaylesh Patel. His company ASTOP finds ethical solutions for any type of vacant property

It all started in 1997, when he received an invitation by fax to a local business group meeting.

From there, Hammersmith entrepreneur Shaylesh Patel landed a life-changing business deal with the outdoor equipment and clothing line, Blacks.

He secured a contract for his company ASTOP to manage their sites across the UK. His firm finds an ethical solution for any type of vacant property to benefit both the landlord and local community.

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Local entrepreneurs attend a Hammersmith BNI meeting

It was all thanks to the Hammersmith BNI, a group of local business owners which meet up every Friday at St Paul’s Centre in Queen Caroline Street.

Hammersmith BNI provides an opportunity for businesses to develop relationships with other local entrepreneurs. Businesses have the chance to meet someone new who could use their products or services or personally recommend their services through word-of-mouth which helps boost businesses’ client base and sales.

Now, Shaylesh is looking to speak to other local businesses and see if the BNI can help them.

“We’re like one big family here. We’re all local business owners which help one another to prosper,” said Shaylesh, who attended St Peter’s primary school.

“I started going to meetings after my father, who ran a travel agent in King Street, suffered a stroke. After networking with fellow members, I was introduced to the property agent for Blacks – it all started from there. I would recommend local businesses to get involved and join the family.”

His company has gone on to manage more than 400 sites and help ethical landlords save more than £15m from dilapidation and empty property costs.

Want to join?

The Hammersmith BNI is currently looking for a website developer, an estate agent, a wills and probate lawyer and an employment lawyer to join the group.

Visit the Hammersmith BNI website for more details.

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