White City snapper puts locals in focus with new photojournalism hub

White City resident Cinzia D’Ambrosi is using the power of photography to give local residents a voice.

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Pictured is local photographer Cinzia D’Ambrosi. PICTURE: OMUR BLACK

White City resident Cinzia D’Ambrosi is using the power of photography to give local residents a voice.

The local photographer has launched the new community-led Photojournalism Hub which hosts exhibitions, community-led forums and training sessions in the borough.

After exposing illegal coal mines in China and the struggle of refugees in Europe, Cinzia is now empowering local people to tell their stories.

“We’re proud to have a local resident like Cinzia doing a terrific job to help promote equality and respect diversity in H&F,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, Deputy Leader of H&F Council.

“The Photojournalism Hub is a fantastic way to give local people a fair chance to be heard. We want H&F to be a place where all residents can thrive regardless of their background.”

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The not-for-profit organisation recently sat down with members of the Somali community, with the help of the Lido Foundation, to hear their thoughts on living in H&F.

“We want to help make a positive change to the local community,” said Cinzia. “These open forums are just one way we’re working with different groups in H&F to give them a voice.”

The Open Forums are a chance for vulnerable communities and individuals to highlight issues and eventually raise them with policy-makers.

“I think it is imperative to have open conversations with ethnic minority and marginalised people to ensure they are able to voice their concerns and ideas regarding their community,” added Fulham resident Muna Hersi, who attended the open forum.

The first Open Forums, which are being supported by the Hammersmith United Charities, was held in January in collaboration with the charity Women Make Change, a local charity that supports women who were victims of domestic abuse.

The Photojournalism Hub will hold a series of talks and visual presentations on Tuesday 21 May at the new arts venue Elephant West in White City.

Email Cinzia at cinzia@photojournalismhub.org or call 07960 940766 to find out more about the Photojournalism Hub.

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Exterior of the new White City arts venue Elephant West

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