Hurlingham Academy pupils go behind the screen with BBC’s Silent Witness stars

The next generation of film directors and script writers shot scenes with BBC stars.

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Pictured with Principal of the Hurlingham Academy, Leon Wilson (back row centre) are cast and crew from Silent Witness - front row, left to right, BBC executive producer Richard Stokes, Colin Salmon and Emilia Fox - with pupils from the school

The next generation of film directors and script writers from Hurlingham Academy shot scenes with BBC stars from critically-acclaimed series Silent Witness last week.

Actors Emilia Fox and Colin Salmon – who recently recorded an episode of the award-winning show at the Peterborough Road school – were once again in front of the camera as the academy’s aspiring directors and cameramen filmed candid interviews with the stars.

The actors returned to thank the school for its support during the filming of the show, and were also joined by senior script writer Tim Prager and BBC executive producer, Richard Stokes, on the day.

They took the opportunity to talk to the pupils about starting a career in the TV and film industry.

"Our borough has a thriving arts and culture scene and booming media quarter, and it's fantastic that Colin, Emilia, Tim and Richard have taken the time out to inspire and encourage our young people," said Cllr Larry Culhane, H&F Cabinet Member for Children and Education.

“This is another great example of our schools giving our young people the opportunities to experience new things and explore all of the possible careers this borough has to offer.”

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Pictured is actor Colin Salmon talking to Hurlingham Academy pupils

Star treatment

Colin (who starred alongside Pierce Brosnan and Dame Judi Dench in three James Bond movies) and Emilia (who made her film debut in Roman Polanski’s The Pianist) shared the secrets of their success, knowledge of the industry and advice with the pupils.

The academy’s Key Stage 4 media studies students were then given the chance to handle the camera and film interviews with the stars.

The young people were also able to quiz the cast and crew on their favourite programmes, the best experiences of their careers and how they’ve overcome any setbacks along the way.

Highlights included Colin explaining how he was working as a trumpet player busking outside a theatre before he got his big break alongside Helen Mirren in the TV show Prime Suspect.

Meanwhile, Emilia recounted the frightening experience of having a scorpion placed on her during filming compared to acting in front of a green screen where she pretended to be buried in a box in Mexico.

Leon Wilson, Principal of The Hurlingham Academy said: “Our students benefited enormously from the opportunity to learn first-hand from such established industry experts about careers in media and the skills, knowledge and determination needed to be successful in it.

“We know how important it is for our students to get a chance to explore new things, enhance their cultural capital and prepare for their futures.”

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