LED lighting set to reduce energy costs across H&F estates

Bill-busting low energy LED lights are set to be installed across housing estates and grounds.

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Pictured is the Queen Caroline estate

Bill-busting low energy LED lights are set to be installed across housing estates and grounds as H&F continues its bid to be the greenest borough in Britain.

Last year, the borough’s streetlights were switched to LEDs and have already proved a great success with a massive reduction in running costs of nearly 60 per cent.

The new lights will also improve indoor and outdoor lighting, benefiting residents by making estates safer, as well as more energy efficient.

“These new LED lights use far less energy and are lower maintenance than existing bulbs,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

“So not only will residents benefit from better, brighter lighting, we can pass onto them the savings we make in energy costs. This will help us to keep residents’ energy bills down, while also helping the council reduce its impact on the environment.”

The switch over to the new lights came after H&F Council worked closely with concerned residents on a programme of works across the various estates.

“These new LED lamps will cut our carbon footprint, but also provide a more reliable service for residents, reduced energy costs, improved energy efficiency and will generate more ongoing savings for residents borough-wide,” said Thomas Flynn, Chair of the resident Repairs Working Group.

Reducing energy costs

H&F Council is working to become the greenest borough in Britain and switching to low-energy LED streetlights has already shown to have a positive impact.

Introducing them across the borough’s estates will also help tackle fuel poverty, by reducing overall energy costs for leaseholders.

The new lights are set to be rolled out across estates, to include communal lighting in corridors, stairs and exteriors, as well as lighting on green spaces, car parks and walkways.

The proposals are set to be agreed by the council’s Cabinet when it meets at Hammersmith Town Hall on 4 March.

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