H&F Council negotiates win-win for residents on Hammersmith safer cycle pathway

Hammersmith set to get two new cycle routes providing better, safer cycling facilities and improvements for pedestrians.

Hammersmith is set to get not one, but two new cycle routes providing better, safer cycling facilities combined with improvements for pedestrians.

H&F Council has agreed with Transport for London (TfL) to build a fully segregated safer cycle pathway running across the borough from Chiswick, down King Street and Hammersmith Road to Kensington.

And Council Leader, Cllr Stephen Cowan, also negotiated with TfL to fund a complementary scheme of improvements to the cycle highway along the A4 to make it ideal for faster and experienced commuting riders.

“We listened to residents and cyclists and have since worked very closely with TfL on their behalf to agree a safer cycle route along King Street for riders of all abilities.

“We also asked the borough’s resident-led Disability Forum Planning Group to review this scheme so it works for all.

“The improved cycle highway alongside the A4 will be a much better fit for those riders who simply want to get from A to B as quickly and safely as possible.”

End of the road for ‘cycle superhighway’

TfL has confirmed work on the new safer cycle pathway along King Street is scheduled to begin later this year, with full details due to be released by TfL in early 2019.

In December, TfL announced it would be dropping the ‘Cycle Superhighway’ and ‘Quietway’ names for schemes following feedback that they are misleading.

“Calling this new route a ‘cycle superhighway’ set the wrong tone,” added Cllr Cowan. “We want to give cyclists priority over larger vehicles, but also need to protect pedestrians, particularly children, the elderly and Disabled people.”

Dates and details for the improvements to the route alongside the A4 are yet to be confirmed.

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