Got a mobile phone? You can help end rough sleeping in H&F

If you are concerned about someone who you think is sleeping rough, you can log their location.

We’re determined to end rough sleeping in H&F. And you can help us change lives with a new easy-to-use mobile phone app.

If you are concerned about someone who you think is sleeping rough, you can log their location using the app from StreetLink.

The information is passed to an H&F Council-funded outreach team - run by charity St Mungos - who will then know how to find them.

“Nobody should be forced to sleep on the street,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, Deputy Leader of H&F Council. “With your help we want to ensure that no one does.”

A small amount of effort can make a massive difference

In the time it takes to send a tweet or a Facebook update, you could change somebody’s life.

Each time a member of the public logs their concerns for someone, it helps paint a picture of the support that’s needed in the area. This data can then be used in important ways, such as helping support workers focus their efforts on areas where they may be needed most, and enabling charities to get a better chance of securing funding.

You can find out more about StreetLink on their website.

StreetLink was set up by charities Homeless Link and St Mungos. It logs concerns from all over the country and then feeds it back to the people who can help them.

Ask the experts: how prevention is essential

Outreach is a key part of our work implementing the recommendations of the H&F Rough Sleeping Commission. The commission was run by six homelessness experts, led by Jon Sparkes the chief executive of Crisis. They highlighted how prevention, and a fast response to help rough sleepers off the street as soon as possible was vital. 

Read about the recommendations made by the H&F Rough Sleeping Commission.

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