Hammersmith play lifts lid on effects of sexual violence

A play exploring the devastating effects of sexual violence is coming to Hammersmith Town Hall from 24-26 September.

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The effects of sexual violence are the focus of the play Fabric

A play exploring the devastating effects of sexual violence is coming to Hammersmith Town Hall this month.

The production of Abi Zakarian’s ‘Fabric’ will open at the Town Hall, in King Street, on Monday 24 September and run until Wednesday 26 September and will be accompanied by informative workshops.

Fabric tells the story of Leah, whose world is traumatised by the effects of sexual violence.

“This important play gives much-needed attention to a very real issue that is often not given enough prominence, or understanding,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Council Deputy Leader.

“We’re working hard in H&F with other organisations to make sure we’re offering support to victims of sexual violence, including help going through the court system, which can be emotionally demanding.

“It is important for people to understand how widespread and devastating sexual violence is if we are going to combat it.”

Recent figures show as many as one in five women have experienced some type of sexual assault since the age of 16. H&F Council offers specialist help for victims of violence against women, and girls and in 2016 obtained the first European Protection Order (EPO) at the Specialist Domestic Abuse Court for one its domestic abuse cases.

Learning more and getting involved

Alongside each performance of the play, there will be an opportunity for the audience to learn more and get involved. On Monday there will be a Q&A session with a panel discussion, and following the other two performances there will be a workshop on bystander intervention.

The Q&A session will feature a post-show panel discussion focussing on what’s next in the battle to end violence against women, with writer Abi Zakarian alongside representatives from specialist agencies.

Sexual harassment can sometimes be difficult to identify, and even more difficult to respond to. The workshops will help participants learn how to recognise sexual harassment and be equipped with different strategies to safely respond and challenge behaviours.

The first workshop (25 September) is specifically for young people aged 16-25, with the second (26 September) open to all.

The play comes to Hammersmith Town Hall following a run in the West End’s Soho Theatre.

For tickets, visit www.damselproductions.co.uk.

Tackling sexual violence in H&F

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is committed to supporting victims of sexual violence and abuse. The council commissioned the Angelou Partnership to ensure anyone in need of advice, advocacy and support is able to receive it.

The Angelou Partnership is a collective of 10 agencies which can provide support to victims of domestic and sexual violence.

In addition to this, residents of Hammersmith can also access West London Rape Crisis Centre through Women and Girls Network who provide advocacy, support, counselling and group work for women and girls affected by sexual violence abuse.

Woman’s Trust provide counselling support to women affected by domestic and sexual violence. Galop support LGBTQ+ survivors of sexual violence.

Need support?

  • Angelou Partnership 0808 801 0660
  • Rape Crisis (Women and Girls Network) 0808 801 0770
  • Galop 020 7704 2040
  • Woman’s Trust 020 7034 0303
  • Survivors UK (male victims) 020 3598 3898  

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