Why not host a ‘Play Street’ for World Car-Free Day?

Enjoy some traffic-free streets as part of World Car-Free Day.

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Play Streets allow children to play in traffic-free roads near their homes

Residents, schools and community groups are being encouraged to host a ‘play street’ to mark World Car-Free Day next month.

Play Streets involve residents closing off their road for a few hours on a chosen day, so that children can play freely without the fear of traffic.

To mark World Car-Free Day, H&F Council will be hosting a ‘Car-Free Festival’ with events taking place on Friday 21 September and Saturday 22 September.

“Play Streets give children the rare chance to get outside and play freely, in traffic-free roads,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

“These neighbourhood events also give residents a chance to gather together, make new friends and form a stronger community bond.

“Our roads are largely given up to motor vehicles, so as part of our Car-Free Festival we’ll be exploring and celebrating what you can do with a street when you take that traffic away.”

Visit our play streets page for information on hosting a play street and to download the application forms. To help, we’ll aim to get applications processed in 21 days.

To get a better idea of what they're like, you can see photos from previous play streets in our Flickr galleries: 

H&F Car-Free Festival

As part of World Car-Free Day, we’ll be closing off the southern end of Hammersmith Grove for a fun event exploring sustainable travel options, such as cycling - including dockless bikes and walking.

Come along on Friday 21 September and find out more about low-pollution travel options. If you’re grabbing some lunch in Lyric Square, why not pop over the road and enjoy your food and the atmosphere from one of our fabulous parklets?

And on Saturday 22 September, you can experience more traffic-free fun, browsing and shopping at the huge variety of stalls at the North End Road autumn market, from 9am.

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