London Oratory students heading for prestigious university placings, after A-level success

The grins went from ear to ear as students traipsed in for the Thursday morning A-level results ritual.

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London Oratory student Beltran Field

The grins went from ear to ear at London Oratory School as students traipsed in for the Thursday morning A-level results ritual.

With 78 per cent attaining A-level grades of A*-B, new headmaster Daniel Wright (who began working at the school in Seagrave Road, Fulham, in January) was delighted with his sixth-formers’ performances.

“There are some cracking results, and great stories of straight As, which is impressive on top of all the exam changes this year, and against a landscape of flux,” he said, standing alongside students.

Beltran Field’s results typified the outstanding overall success, with A* French, and As in maths, biology and history.

The subjects, said Beltran, would have made perfect sense had he stuck to his original plan to study psychology at university.

But he switched directions, opting for history and politics, and has been accepted at Edinburgh.

So excited

Gwendy Jones, 18, has gained a place at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

She opted for the sixth form at London Oratory two years ago, having done GCSEs at Sacred Heart.

The teenager achieved A*s English, art and French, and will study history of art.

“It was a bit daunting opening the envelope,” she confessed. “But I’d logged on to Ucas at 8am, so I already knew I’d been accepted [at Cambridge]. I was already so excited.

“It’s nice to start something new; I can’t wait,” she said.

Really pleased

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London Oratory students celebrate their success

With better than expected grades, Oscar Hale is now looking forward to studying economics and finance at Bristol University.

He gained A*s in art and economics, and A in maths.

“I’m really pleased,” he said. “I’d been hoping for A*, A, A, based on my mocks; but I didn’t need to worry.”

He said he’d enjoyed his seven years at London Oratory. “It’s pretty strict at first, but you kind of accept the discipline,” he said.

A lot of relief

With three straight A* grades in English, history and government & politics, Eddie Holmes-Milner will study English at Oxford.

“I worked so hard, so it’s like a lot of relief,” he said after tearing open the envelope.

“I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped in the AS exams last year, so I just worked as hard as I could.”

The 18-year-old credits the commitment and dedication of London Oratory’s English department for his outstanding results.

“The English department here is unrivalled,” he said.

“Rob Tilbury, the head of English, makes a real difference. Four of us applied to Oxford to do English, and all four got offers.”

Headmaster Daniel Wright described London Oratory as “a great school, a powerhouse”, and attributed its impressive A-level results to “a strong intellectual culture in the staff common room”.

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