Can you help build the world’s biggest jigsaw? Puzzle fans we need you

People across H&F have been building sections of a giant Disney-themed puzzle.

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Residents from Lancaster Court in Fulham take on the challenge to piece together a scene from Cinderella

People across H&F have been building sections of a giant Disney-themed puzzle – and it’s not just been the pieces coming together.

The challenge has united neighbours and borough residents of all ages and backgrounds since it began last year in their bid to put all 40,320 pieces into place.

There are still plenty of pieces left, though, so if you can help organisers want to hear from you.

The project was thought up by residents Adriaan Van Zyl and Kevin Nathanial of Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Inclusion Group. The group links people doing good work in the borough, such as tackling loneliness or helping develop digital skills, helping them work together.

“The puzzle projects are social events,” said Adriaan.

“People are sitting together, talking, doing something constructive.

“It’s a chance to meet new people and get involved in your community.”

Kevin, who used to be the games manager at Hamleys, was offered the jigsaw thanks to his old contacts.

You’ll be part of a World Record

The puzzle by manufacturer Ravensburger is so big it’s recognised by the Guinness Book of Records and everyone who helps to complete it will get a certificate at the end.

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The Cinderella puzzle by manufacturer Ravensburger

It is divided into 10 sections, each depicting a scene from a classic Disney film such as the Lion King, Fantasia, Bambi, Beauty and the Beast, and Peter Pan.

Two of the panels - Cinderella and Snow White -  are complete - others are underway but four more are yet to get started.

If you’re a community group or group of residents based in H&F and are up for the challenge then Adriaan wants to hear from you. You just need a space to work on it and somewhere secure to store it. Contact Adriaan on 07968 096 127 or

Community groups and individuals can also take part in sessions at Imperial College’s Invention Rooms in White City over the next few months. The first community puzzle session was held there on Tuesday 27 March. Email Imperial’s community engagement officer Priya Pallan at to find out more.

Each panel will be sealed in place in Perspex forming a giant picture that will be more than 22 feet long and 6ft tall.

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