Police raid to tackle moped crime turns up drugs and stolen phones

The raid, by the police’s council-funded Community Task Force, is part of an ongoing operation to help keep residents safe.

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Deputy Leader, Cllr Sue Fennimore (left) joined the police raid in Fulham

Police raided a house in Fulham last week as part of a major crackdown on moped crime in H&F.

The raid, by the police’s council-funded Community Task Force, in the Sands End area of Fulham, is part of an ongoing operation to help keep residents safe.

Local intelligence had led police to believe the Fulham address was somewhere stolen goods were being taken. Inside the home, police found drugs and a number of suspected stolen mobile phones.

H&F Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Sue Fennimore, joined the team for the action on Tuesday 13 February.

“It was very interesting to see first-hand the positive work these officers are doing to help keep communities safe and criminals at bay,” said Cllr Fennimore.

“It’s a good example of why we’ve invested in the highest number of council-funded police in the borough’s history.”

The warrant was one of a series being executed in the borough to address the ongoing issue of moped crime as part of the police’s Operation Venice.

“Luckily, in H&F we see fewer incidents of moped enabled crimes than in other boroughs,” said Inspector John Childs, leading the operation.

“It often involves one moped with two suspects using a hammer to smash the car windows and take bags and coats.

“Our recent operations have resulted in suspects being arrested on stolen bikes by covert officers, suspects apprehended attempting to steal a moped and a significant increase in intelligence. In fact, one of our most effective tactics to tackle the issue is good communication between our teams and local residents.”

Council-funded police

The community taskforce is part of the enhanced policing team of council-funded officers.

The record investment in policing on the borough was confirmed by the council’s cabinet in January, ensuring that 46 additional council-funded police officers will continue their work in the borough until March 2019.

Their work includes hugely enhanced patrol resources in town centres and high crime areas; and major investment in CCTV across the borough, including 104 cameras in the Sands End area, with more on the way.

As well as specialist roles such as crime prevention through design and outreach work with young people at the risk of offending. The team also contributes to the borough’s Safer Schools Team, working with all secondary schools in the borough.

In the last full financial year, the additional council-funded officers:

  • made 678 arrests
  • responded to 2001 calls
  • attended 176 community events/meetings
  • took part in 139 joint partnership initiatives
  • carried out 247 home visits to known offenders
  • carried out 777 crime prevention visits.

Additionally, our specialist funded officers have:

  • Supported the Youth Offending Team by working with a high-risk group of young people.
  • Delivered outreach work to divert young people away from gang-related activities.
  • Reviewed planning applications to ensure that all new builds meet the Secured by Design standard.
  • Provided advice to the council and registered social landlords to improve safety and security in public spaces.
  • Worked in secondary schools engaging pupils, delivering presentations on a range of crime issues.
  • Managed the borough’s volunteer police cadets.

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