We’ve put an electric vehicle charging point near every home

All homes and business in H&F will soon be within 400 metres of an electric vehicle charging bay.

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H&F electric vehicle charging point

All homes and business will soon be within 400 metres of an electric vehicle charging bay as H&F Council makes it easier to convert to greener transport.

By the end of the financial year, more than 130 electric charging bays will be in operation, meaning wherever you are in the borough, there’ll be one just a short walk away.

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has built the largest network of on-street charging points in London to encourage residents to take up cleaner travel and improve local air quality.

“Ditching a petrol or diesel car to go electric is a big commitment, but one that can reap huge benefits,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Residents’ Services.

“The biggest hassle for most people is charging, so the easier we can make that, the easier it will be for people to make the change. That’s why we’re delivering a network that will offer a convenient option for everyone.

“We want to be the most environmentally positive borough and a responsibility of that is helping residents to live more environmentally positive lives too.”

Growing our network

Over the past six months 21 new charging points have been installed at eight locations. A further 18 will be installed after Christmas, with another six currently awaiting planning permission.

That will bring the total number of charging points in the borough to 131 by March 2018.

The latest charging points will be installed in the following locations: Danehurst Street (SW6), Du Cane Road (W12), Richmond Way (W12), Goodwin Road (W12), Cobbold Road (W12) and Rylston Road (SW6). Planning permission is expected soon for Stevenage Road (SW6) and Seagrave Road (SW6).

You can use this live map to find the nearest charging point to your home or work and see in real-time how many spaces are available.

New technology

As well as the network of on-street charging points, we’re currently running a trial of charging points in streetlamp columns.

Our initial trial is taking place in Westcroft Square, Hammersmith, with a second trial set to launch soon at an as-yet unconfirmed location.

The borough’s first ‘rapid-charge’ bays will be built at Scrubs Lane car park in early 2018. These new charging points can top-up your battery in a quarter of the time of standard charging points, so you’ll be back on the move in no time.

More rapid-charge points are scheduled for the south of the borough too.

Electric car club

Bluecity is an electric car club, a bit like borrowing a Santander cycle. You can pick up a car from any local charging point and drop it off at another location, even if it’s in a different borough.

We were the first borough in London to launch Bluecity, but now more councils are joining the electric revolution, creating many more journey possibilities.

To make it easy to start your green-driving adventure, we’ve negotiated a year’s free membership for people who live and work in the borough. 

More than 700 residents have already signed up.

Bluecity stopped trading in February 2020.

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