Community spirit thriving in H&F thanks to Nextdoor

Community spirit is thriving, and H&F is becoming better connected than ever.

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Ashok Gupta (left) and Peter Knight are the Nextdoor leads in Parsons Green

Community spirit is thriving, and H&F is becoming better connected than ever, thanks to the spread of social media app Nextdoor in the borough. Almost 8,000 people in H&F are now using the neighbourhood social network to connect with their neighbours and find out what’s going on in their local communities.

Nextdoor’s unique platform also enables public services, such as the council and the Met Police in H&F, keep residents up-to-date with important news and help to keep local communities safer.

“It’s wonderful that Nextdoor is helping to bring people together and build community spirit across the borough,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, Deputy Leader of H&F Council. “When neighbours connect on Nextdoor, not only can they find a reliable babysitter or recommendations for a local plumber, but they can also make great things happen in their neighbourhood.”

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Wendell Park Gardening Friends

Nextdoor in your neighbourhood

  • Wendell Park neighbours came together on Nextdoor to form the Wendell Park Gardening Friends, and have recently raised over £9,000 for a community planting project in the much-loved park at the heart of their local community.
  • Met Police community support officer Ben Lambert from the Shepherds Bush Green SNT (Safer Neighbourhoods Team) has been using Nextdoor regularly. He said: “Nextdoor is a great way for me to be able to keep in touch with local residents and I have used Nextdoor to keep them informed about arrests in their neighbourhood, and to post crime prevention tips.”
  • Kelly de Lautour, owner of Detour Cafe in Askew Road, Shepherds Bush, uses Nextdoor to meet local people and promote her business. “There is a sense of trust with Nextdoor because you know these are real people who live or work on your doorstep,” she says. Kelly’s teamed up with Hammersmith personal trainer Bianca Sainty to help local people ‘get fit, eat better and feel great’ and promoted their programme on Nextdoor. Their weekly running club has attracted many new devotees from among their Nextdoor neighbours.
  • Many community organisations have also become Nextdoor enthusiasts. Carmella Obinyan, the maternity champion coordinator in Old Oak, has used Nextdoor to advertise Enjoy your Baby and Mend Mum classes at the Old Oak Centre, as well as local health and well-being events. Carmella said, “Nextdoor is a great way to let local people know about services and activities, as well as building community spirit and support networks.”

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Kelly de Lautour (left), owner of Detour Cafe in Shepherds Bush with personal trainer Bianca Sainty

Join your community on Nextdoor

To join the conversation with your neighbours on Nextdoor, sign up at or download the app.

Nextdoor is now being used by more than 45 per cent of neighbourhoods across the UK.

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Diana Purves of Fulham Good Neighbours serving food

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