Putting Disabled people at the heart of decision-making in H&F

Come along on Monday (13 Nov) and hear how Disabled people are helping transform services.

H&F council is planning radical improvements in how it works with Disabled people to shape the decisions and services that affect their lives.  

This follows a report by H&F’s independent Disabled People’s Commission, all of whose members are Disabled. The commission was set up by the council last year as part of its programme to transform how the council works by doing things with, not to, local people.

All residents are invited to discuss the commission’s final report, Nothing About Disabled People Without Disabled People, at 7pm on Monday 13 November at Hammersmith Town Hall.

Discrimination and exclusion of Disabled people is not inevitable, the barriers we experience are created by society,” said Tara Flood, chair of the commission.

“This report makes recommendations to deliver on what Disabled people have been calling for over many years – that we must be partners in the reorganisation of society and particularly decision-making in everything that affects our lives.”   

 Cllr Ben Coleman, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, added: “We hope lots of Disabled people will come and discuss what the commission is proposing and the next steps”, he said.

“Too often, decisions are made for Disabled people rather than with them. We want to change that so that Disabled people in H&F themselves shape the services they need.”

The commissioners have spent months talking to local Disabled people about the changes they want.

At the heart of their recommendations is that the council work with Disabled residents and local Disabled people’s organisations to agree a “co-production” approach and a long-term funding strategy.

“Co-production” is taken to mean an equal and reciprocal relationship between the people who use services and those who design and deliver them.

Among the other recommendations are that the council implement a human rights approach to its policy and service development, and using the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) as the framework for change.

The report and recommendations will be discussed at the Health, Adult Social Care and Social Inclusion Policy and Accountability Committee at 7pm on Monday.

The committee will also be discussing the annual report of H&F’s Safeguarding Adults Executive Board, as well as an update by Hammersmith & Fulham Healthwatch, an independent charity which represents people using healthcare services.

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