Phoenix students rise to the challenge

Students at a school in Shepherd’s Bush have received some impressive GCSE results.

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From left to right, Tamara Obeng-Dominguez and Rostom Al-Zoubi show off their GCSE results

Students at a school in Shepherd’s Bush have received some impressive GCSE results.

A number of pupils at Phoenix Academy achieved the top grade of 9, in the reformed English and maths system set to be rolled out to other subjects across the country over the next couple of years.

Success stories included that of Tamara Obeng-Dominguez, who got a 9 in English literature, a 7 in English language and an 8 in maths. A 9 is the equivalent of A**, while an 8 is like an A*, and a 7 is an old-style A.

The 16-year-old also received an A* in Spanish and in computing, plus three As in triple sciences and an A in history.

Abdulmalik Mohammed, 16, also gained nine GCSEs overall and a 9 in English literature. His other results included an 8 in maths, a 7 in English language, an A* and two As in triple science and a B in geography.

Abesa Bela got 7s in English language, English literature and maths; two As and an A* in triple science; an A in computing, and a B in geography.

Zakariyah Farah’s results comprised an 8 in English literature, a 6 in English language, a 7 in maths, As in triple science (which counts as three GCSEs), computing and geography.

Rostom Al-Zoubi, also 16, was one of the other students to thrive.

163 of the 950 students at Phoenix took GCSEs this year. Those collecting results were the first batch to do so since the school became an academy last September.

“Our students have worked hard this year to achieve these results and we congratulate them on their achievements,” said headteacher Michael Taylor.

“They are well prepared for the next two years in the sixth form or at college.

“We are pleased and proud that they have done so well. I would also like to express my gratitude to our staff – teaching, support and administration – for their unstinting hard work and dedication to the students.”

Mr Taylor pointed out the school’s particularly strong showings in English, science, religious education, PE and psychology.

Phoenix is just south of the Westway and 500 metres from Loftus Road Stadium, the home of Queens Park Rangers.

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