Biodiversity Commission calls on you to help make H&F greener

A concerned group of H&F residents is leading the charge to protect, preserve and enhance the borough’s wildlife.

Update 22 June 2017: The Biodiversity Commission's survey has now closed but you can still tell us your ideas on how to improve your local environment.

A concerned group of Hammersmith & Fulham residents is leading the charge to protect, preserve and enhance the borough’s wildlife.

H&F’s Biodiversity Commission will work alongside the council to find ways to improve the borough for animals and plants.

The commission has launched a survey seeking residents’ views on what can be done by the council and individuals to improve the local environment for wildlife.

“We all need to understand biodiversity better and how the tiniest creatures and organisms are all essential to the web of life,” said Morag Carmichael, Chair of the Biodiversity Commission.

“Their loss would adversely affect our lives in many ways.  For instance, bees and other pollinators are currently struggling, and if they were to become extinct, much of the world’s food supply would be threatened.

“The views of residents are extremely valuable to this process so please take part.”

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the range of plants and animals an ecosystem is capable of sustaining. Hard cement landscapes such as those found in cities reduce the capacity for a variety of wildlife, so every patch of grass, garden or flower box plays a vital role in bringing life to our landscape.

Urban environments have a significant role to play in helping to stem any decline in biodiversity - at the same time making them greener and healthier.

Human existence depends on the complex interactions of plants and animals so it is in our interests to encourage and protect them.

Have your say

The commission is inviting residents to have their say on ways to improve Hammersmith & Fulham for wild animals such as hedgehogs and bats, birds, butterflies, bees and plants, to help make the borough as green as possible. The survey closes on 31 May.

The survey is also an opportunity for you to tell the commission any changes in biodiversity and wildlife in the borough you may have noticed.

The results of the survey will help inform the findings and recommendations for action by the council, central government, business and industry, organisations and residents.  

What is the Biodiversity Commission?

The Hammersmith & Fulham Biodiversity Commission, launched in January of this year, following a report on the borough’s current biodiversity levels which was presented to council’s Community Safety, Environment and Residents’ Services Policy and Accountability Committee.

The commission is made up of nine H&F residents with a passion for nature and a determination to create an environment where people, plants and animals can all thrive.

The commission’s work also includes looking at ways of engaging with local schools and communities on projects to do with habitats for wildlife, and considering how planning policy can be improved to ensure future developments leave plenty of space for nature.

Residents who complete the survey also have an option to take part in a prize draw to win a family entry ticket to Kew Gardens.

The survey closes on 31 May.

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