Hammersmith resident reaps recycling reward with £200 cash prize

A Hammersmith resident is the latest person in H&F to scoop a cash prize for being a brilliant recycler.

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Terence Miller, 53, scooped £200 as part of H&F Council’s Estates Recycling Challenge

A Hammersmith resident is the latest person in H&F to scoop a cash prize for being a brilliant recycler.

Terence Miller, 53, recently scooped £200 as part of Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Estates Recycling Challenge - a competition to reduce waste on the borough’s estates.

The challenge sees local communities compete against one another to recycle the most and was extended last year after boosting recycling levels by more than a third.

“Congratulations Terence. We want to be the greenest borough in the country and Terence has shown how easy it is for residents to play their part,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Residents’ Services.

“Hopefully his win will inspire other residents to recycle more. Even those not taking part in the competition, as every extra item helps the council save money, which can then be put towards other vital services for residents. That way, we all win.”

The challenge is open to 9,000 households in 32 estates, split across four geographical communities: Hammersmith North, Hammersmith South, Fulham North and Fulham South.

Residents compete as individuals within their respective communities to earn the most ‘Green Points’ for participating in different waste reduction and recycling activities.

Those activities include reducing contamination, donating to Bring Banks and reporting recycling levels. The top performers can then earn prizes for themselves and their communities.

“I’m thrilled to have won a prize through the Estates Recycling Challenge, the rewards have really encouraged me and my family to get involved,” said Terence, who lives in Ashcroft Square. 

“I think recycling is easy once you know what goes where and the scheme is a good reminder for me to make sure I’m putting things in the right bin.”

The competition’s individual prizes include a £250 top prize, with two £200 prizes for participating, like Terence did. The community that earns the most Green Points can also chose a local project they would like to win a £300 prize.

Five local projects have been shortlisted for this: Hammersmith and Fulham Mind, Bishop Creighton House, Hammersmith Community Gardens, St Mungo’s Broadway, and Response Community Projects.

Following a successful pilot, the scheme was renewed and the competition now runs until 17 April.

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