Council supports voucher scheme for fruit and veg at North End Road market

A new council-funded voucher scheme to help children and families on low incomes get fresh fruit and veg launches in H&F

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North End Road Market

A new H&F Council-funded voucher scheme to help children and families on low incomes get fresh fruit and vegetables launches this month.

The Rose Vouchers Project, organised by the Alexandra Rose Charity, helps families by providing vouchers which can be redeemed at North End Road Market for fruit and veg.

As part of the Rose vouchers scheme, the council have supported market traders so that they can now also accept Healthy Start vouchers.

The first 100 families to use their Healthy Start vouchers at the market will receive £3 of Rose Vouchers.

Working with local children’s centres, H&F is one of the first London boroughs to pioneer the scheme. It's funded by H&F Council and the Alexandra Rose Charity, with support from the Disney Healthy Living Fund, from Hammersmith-based Disney UK.

“We are determined to ensure that families in H&F have access to fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables and healthy lifestyles,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion.

“Not everyone can afford supermarket prices.

"This project not only gives families access to fresh produce, but helps us support the traders of North End Road Market to make it a vibrant hotspot for local businesses and shoppers.”

The project will work in partnership with both North End Road Market, Melcombe Children’s Centre and Fulham Central Children’s Centre.

North End Road market is a traditional street market running since the 1880s that is managed by H&F Council. The council also hosts the regular traffic-free seasonal markets as part of its drive – together with residents in the North End Road Action Group – to revive this major high street.

How to get involved

Specific criteria apply to ensure that residents taking part in the scheme are those most in need.

The criteria for families to receive Rose Vouchers are as follows: 

  • Eligible for, or already receiving Healthy Start vouchers (see below) 
  • Melcombe and Fulham Central Children’s centres will identify families meeting the basic Healthy Start criteria and who live in three targeted opportunity areas: North End Road, Sands End Road and Normand Croft.

What is Healthy Start?

If you are at least 10 weeks pregnant, or have children under the age of four, and are receiving certain benefits you could qualify for the Healthy Start programme. Visit for full details. Find out if you’re eligible here.

Each week you’ll get free vouchers which can exchanged for milk, fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, and infant formula milk. You can also get free vitamins. 

To check your eligibility and apply, please contact either the Melcombe Children’s Centre or the Fulham Central Children’s Centre

Traders at the North End Road Market taking part in the Rose vouchers scheme will also accept Healthy Start vouchers.

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