Residents work with our Street Czar to help keep H&F spotless

H&F Council’s new Street Czar has already got off to a flying start in his role.

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H&F's new Street Czar Andy Stocker

Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s new Street Czar has already got off to a flying start in his role, working closely with residents and councillors to keep H&F’s streets clean and tidy.

H&F Council aims to be the greenest borough in the country and launched the Street Czar role so it can work quickly and effectively with residents to solve any issues with mess that might occur.

Street Czar and Fulham resident Andy Stocker, is working closely alongside H&F Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Residents’ Services, Cllr Wesley Harcourt, to swiftly resolve residents’ issues.

H&F streets were recently found by independent assessors to be the cleanest they’ve been in years, however H&F wants them to be even better and Andy is there to work with residents to tackle and solve any recurrent issues with mess on our streets.

“The idea is to tailor solutions to the improvements in each area by working hand-in-hand with residents,” said Andy.

“It’s great to meet people who care so much about their neighbourhoods. Working with councillors, I will engage as many individuals and groups as possible and hear what’s going well and learn about issues they want addressed.”

Among his first visits, Andy met with local resident Peter Morrison. Together, they are working to clean up the area around Munster Road, Fulham High Street and New Kings Road.

“I was fairly sceptical when I saw in the council’s e-newsletter that a Street Czar had been appointed but I was left with a very positive view of Andy and his mission,” said Peter.

“I think a lot of it is down to people not knowing what to do; people don’t want to live with rubbish outside.”

Solutions can be as simple as reminding residents about their collection days and how they can report problems through our Report It webpage and phone app.

If people break the law, with illegal rubbish dumping for example, Andy, who also works in the council’s community safety team, has mobile CCTV cameras which he can use to catch offenders in the act.

Among his other visits, Andy has been speaking with residents in Primula Street, Shepherds Bush, where he stepped up caretaker visits and is looking at a better solution for rubbish collections.

At North End Road in Fulham, signs will be going up to remind residents to pick up after their dogs.

“We are determined to keep our streets as clean and presentable as possible,” said Cllr Harcourt.

“This is why Andy’s work is so valuable alongside the work we are doing to achieve our wider environmental ambitions.

“Andy is a single point of contact for residents and our staff who they know they can work with him to get things done quickly.”

For any help with keeping your street clean, contact

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