A Fulham rose by any other name is Amara

With her pails full of brightly-coloured roses, Letizia Terni might be mistaken for any other flower seller.

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AMARA owner Letizia Terni at North End Road Market in Fulham

With her pails full of brightly-coloured roses, Letizia Terni might be mistaken for any other flower seller.

But look a little more closely and the beautiful blooms have a unique feature – they are handmade from delicate fabrics.

Hailing from a small Tuscan village in Italy, Letizia uses her creativity – honed while studying sculpture – to fashion the pretty roses from her favourite satins, calico and brocade.

The cute artificial flowers are then turned into necklaces, brooches, hair clips and even decorations for notebooks and handmade cards – all under the AMARA Handmade in UK name.

“I’ve always been passionate about creativity,” says 35-year-old Letizia, who named her fledgling business after her daughter.

“I set up less than a year ago and eventually I hope to grow the business to focus on things like bridal bouquets and approach restaurants and other businesses to use my flowers as decorations.”

Letizia has found a welcoming home in the Fulham business community, having spent most of her time around the area since moving to the UK in 2007.

Now living in Lillie Road, she’s thrown herself into showcasing her charming creations at local markets and fairs.

“I had my first stall at North End Road market last summer, then returned for the 2015 Christmas markets and I really felt at home,” explains Letizia.

“People really liked the flowers and it was a chance for me to think more deeply about my products.”

The AMARA Handmade in UK blooms have also been on display at the St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School fair, in Fulham, and Letizia has even taken her blooms to New Covent Garden Market in Vauxhall.

“I needed to develop my confidence in showing off my products and doing the markets – especially North End Road market as the people are so friendly – has been really helpful,” she adds. “It has helped me understand what works and what doesn’t.”

Although AMARA Handmade in UK is on Facebook, Letizia now plans to develop her own dedicated website, and use the experience she has gained in the past year as a springboard for growing the business.

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