Fulham residents back new scheme to brighten borough with plants

New scheme invites residents to make their streets greener and more attractive.

Pioneering Fulham gardeners are urging residents to get behind the H&F administration’s new scheme to brighten up streets by filling tree bases with plants.

The new scheme invites residents to make their streets greener and more attractive by planting shrubs, herbs and flowers in tree bases.

Residents in Fabian Road, Fulham, recently trialled the idea to great effect – seeing an increase in wildlife and decrease in street litter.

“We’re doing our best to change the culture at H&F Council so it’s easier for residents to get things done in the neighbourhoods they live in and care about,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Residents’ Services. 

 “This new scheme supports our aspiration to become the greenest, most environmentally-friendly borough in the country.”

The Fabian Road residents who have been gardening on their street welcomed the borough-wide project and urged others to get digging and planting.

Maureen Duffy who has lived on Fabian Road for 25 years, is looking forward to pruning her tree base this summer. She said: “We think it is just a very nice thing to do, to have as much greenery, as much colour to brighten up the streets and lift people’s spirits as we possibly can.

“Any spare bit of ground looks better if it’s planted.”

Green-fingered Denny Godber, a resident of 40 years said: “The flowers look so nice. It just makes the whole road look good.”

“If the council is creating small places then yes, people should take advantage of that,” said Imtiaz Syed, who maintains a tree base outside his home where he has lived for 13 years.

“I feel quite good that I can have this little patch outside my house and do it up. People just feel a lot happier walking down a street when it’s clean and tidy and has a few plants.”

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