Domestic violence victims in H&F get best support in London

A criminal justice partnership has helped H&F get the highest conviction rate in London for domestic violence cases.

Victims of domestic violence are getting the best support and protection in London thanks to an innovative partnership scheme from Hammersmith & Fulham Council and the police.

Launched in 2014, The Impact Project is a criminal justice partnership from the council, police and five other partners, tackling domestic violence and giving protection and support to victims.

Currently H&F Police has the best conviction rate for domestic violence cases brought before the courts in London, thanks largely to the great work of the new initiative.

“Victims of domestic violence often feel scared, isolated and vulnerable and can be daunted by the court process. Often this means cases never make it to court and perpetrators remain unpunished,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion. 

“The Impact Project offers information and advice on the legal process, as well as practical support which has helped give victims the strength and courage to challenge their assailants in court and has lead to a conviction rate in H&F of 87.5 per cent.”

What is the Impact Project?

The Impact Project is dedicated to working with victims to achieve the best possible outcome for them and their families. If you would like to read the Impact evaluation overview report or the full evaluation report please contact

It works with criminal justice professionals within H&F and also funds independent domestic violence advocates who help victims whose cases are being dealt with by the police.
The services they offer include:

  • Advice on police procedure and the court process
  • Support through the criminal justice system, including updates on court hearings and support if the case was to go to trial
  • Advice on civil protection, i.e. injunctions, including help with gaining legal advice
  • Helping victims feel safer at home and providing information about re-housing.
  • Extensive safety planning based on your current situation (i.e. recently separated from perpetrator, still living with perpetrator, safe child contact etc)

The project, which is unique to H&F, aims to improve outcomes for victims of domestic violence cases and their families, whether the cases continue on through the criminal justice process or not.

The Impact Team is made up of officers from Shepherd’s Bush Housing Group, Advance, and Standing Together Against Domestic Violence and is co-located with H&F Police’s community safety team at Hammersmith police station, so all partner groups can work together effectively.

Standing Together

Funding for the project is provided by Shepherd’s Bush Housing Group and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). 

The other partners to the project are the Crown Prosecution Service, Probation, HM Court service, Shepherds Bush Housing Group, ADVANCE Independent Domestic Violence Advocates Service and Standing Together Against Domestic Violence.

Standing Together are also responsible for the coordination of the Specialist Domestic Violence Court in Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court.

Cllr Fennimore added: “Our conviction figure is testament to both the resolve of those people the project has helped and the great collaborative working of the partner groups.

“We are now determined to build on this success and do even more to bring offenders to justice and, even more importantly, stop domestic violence before it takes place.”

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