Free advice for Hammersmith & Fulham businesses on how to keep staff healthy, happy and productive

Could your business might benefit from the London Healthy Workplace Charter?

Need attentive staff who are proud to work for you? Want to boost productivity, reduce sickness absence and lower staff turnover?

Then your business might benefit from the London Healthy Workplace Charter, which offers advice on how to provide the best possible standards in workplace health.

Businesses across Hammersmith & Fulham are being encouraged to sign up to the new support scheme, which can help with developing workplaces where staff flourish.

The London Healthy Workplace Charter provides employers with an easy and clear guide on how to make workplaces a supportive and productive environment in which employees can thrive.

Organisations of all sizes can use the standards. The entry level accreditation has been developed as a baseline for all businesses to achieve and acts as a useful checklist for smaller organisations. The criteria for small businesses should not involve significant investment.

This approach covers listening to employees’ health and wellbeing concerns, equipping managers to spot mental health issues, encouraging staff to stop smoking, promoting healthy eating and more.

“The positive impact that employment, particularly in a healthy workplace, can have on health and wellbeing is well known. I urge all our employers to consider signing up to the Charter, so they can take advantage of what it has to offer both them and their employees. Having a healthy workforce is good for employers, workers and the wider economy,” said Cllr Vivienne Lukey, H&F Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care.

Businesses will be supported as they work towards their target accreditation level and those businesses which provide health-promoting workplaces will be recognised through an awards scheme.

Heavily subsidised mental health training for managers is among the benefits for local businesses who register with the charter and local support scheme.

H&F is offering healthy workplace support out of recognition that the working environment can significantly affect health and wellbeing and that there are genuine business benefits to having a healthy, fit and committed workforce.

To help those businesses keen to become nationally recognised healthy places to work, H&F Council has a dedicated healthy workplace adviser who is available to give advice and assistance, free of charge.

Organisations that commit to wellbeing can expect improved business outcomes.

“Our backing of the London Healthy Workplace Charter underlines our commitment to small enterprises in H&F and our keenness to help them build stronger businesses,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration.

For more details, call Healthy Workplace Advisor, Anna Brown on 07584 389 249 or email:

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