Cash prizes to reward residents who recycle

Residents are being given the chance to win a cash prize by increasing the amount they recycle.

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One of the recycling 'golden tickets'

Residents are being given the chance to win a cash prize by increasing the amount they recycle.

Books of ‘golden tickets’ are being sent to all households in the borough. All residents have to do is write their details on a golden ticket, and then put the ticket out with their clean recycling for collection. If your ticket is then picked at random at the processing plant, you’ve won a cash prize!

Funding for the scheme was secured by the council from a central government grant. Up for grabs for recycle-savvy residents in the first draw on Friday 30 October, are 10 cash prizes of £500, followed by three subsequent draws, each with multiple prizes of £250.

“We are determined to save money for residents and improve the environment, and this idea does both, by encouraging people to recycle more and to recycle the right things,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Residents’ Services.

“Dealing with contaminated recycling and processing household waste is a huge cost for H&F, so the money saved from improved recycling rates can be passed on to residents in the form of reduced fees and charges, keeping council tax low and the provision of other council services.”

As part of a drive to increase recycling levels in the capital, the council and its partners secured funding for the prize draw.

Booklets of golden tickets have been delivered across the borough and additional tickets can be picked up from H&F’s libraries.

Residents living on estates can insert their golden tickets in their communal recycling banks.

The first draw takes place on Friday 30 October, with further draws in December 2015 and February and March 2016. The draw has been funded via a government grant as part of its £11million Recycling Reward fund.

For those interested in learning more about local recycling and related issues, residents are invited to hear how they can get involved in helping the council keep streets cleaner and boost recycling levels.

H&F Council’s Community Safety, Environment and Residents’ Services Policy and Advisory Committee meets in Hammersmith Town Hall on Monday 21 September where councillors will hear plans for drawing on the views of residents in how it can boost recycling rates and tackle other waste issues, such as dumped rubbish.

Local residents will be consulted and asked to voice their opinions on which waste services they value most and which waste-related issues they believe most need tackling.

To find out more, read the report and full agenda online.

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