Borough's teachers have chance to move into one of 12 new affordable flats

A dozen penthouse flats will soon be providing affordable homes for teachers.

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The Edward Woods Estate

A dozen penthouse flats will soon be providing affordable homes for teachers.

The flats were built as part of the regeneration of the Edward Woods Estate in Shepherds Bush which included structural repairs and works to make the buildings more energy efficient.

They are all two-bed, located at the top of Norland House, Stebbing House and Poynter House. The first priority will be to let them to teachers at social rent, while any remaining homes be allocated to other local residents in need of affordable housing.

Cllr Lisa Homan, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “Our schools depend on having fantastic teachers that give our children the best possible start in life. The London housing crisis is making it increasingly difficult for many teachers to work in the borough, so we wanted to take this first step towards addressing that.”

The original plan when the flats were first conceived in 2007 was to sell them on the open market as luxury housing. However, this was impossible as they are not serviced by lifts and banks would not provide mortgages to potential buyers. The council is consulting residents of Norland, Stebbing and Poynter houses over its plans for the 12 new flats until 5pm on Friday, March 27.

Have your say by emailing: or write to: Edward Woods Local Lettings Plan Consultation, Housing & Regeneration Directorate, First Floor, 145 King Street, London W6 9XY.

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