Our vision for independent living in H&F

Doing things with residents not to residents

Here in Hammersmith & Fulham we want everyone to have the best possible life. We want everyone to be included. No one should be left behind.

Our vision for independent living is for Disabled people of all ages to have the same rights as everyone else to live in the community how they choose. Everyone should be able to be part of and contribute to their communities.

We all gain when this happens. We are committed to doing things with residents not to residents. This way we find the best solutions together. Disabled people should be involved in all the decisions that affect their lives.

We are committed to making this happen so there is nothing about Disabled people without Disabled people.

We use the term Disabled people to include ALL Disabled people with:

  • physical, cognitive and sensory barriers
  • people with learning difficulties
  • Deaf people, deafened and hard of hearing people
  • mental health system users and survivors
  • neuro-diverse people such as those with Dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Asperger Syndrome and Dyslexia
  • people with long-term health conditions
  • people who self-identify.

We mean Disabled people of all ages who experience barriers including Disabled children and young people with special educational needs labels.

Independent living comes from Disabled people’s ideas and thinking

Independent living comes from Disabled people’s ideas and thinking.

It is about having full access to all the things we need to live a good life such as:

  • jobs
  • family and friends
  • housing
  • leisure
  • access to transport
  • enough money.

It is also about having the right health services and personal support.

That’s why we use the social model of disability which is about removing the barriers and discrimination that Disabled people face so we can all be included.

Co-production is the way we work together with residents to improve things and make change happen.

Find support and advice

If you need support, care or advice to live independently, or help you to care for someone, you can find information and advice on this site.

Use the services directory to connect to other services and support to help all H&F residents live a good life.

We want H&F to be the most inclusive borough

Our commitment to Disabled people’s rights and equality is why we:

  • are the only council in England that does not charge Disabled residents for care and support in the community.
  • agreed the recommendations of Disabled People's Commission which was led by 10 Disabled residents. Their report Nothing About Disabled People Without Disabled People sets out the changes needed to improve Disabled people’s lives.
  • listened to Disabled residents and together co-produced a plan to improve direct payments and set up a new Direct Payment Support Service so people have more choice and control over their care and support.
  • are working with Disabled residents to co-produce a delivery plan to make our independent living vision a reality.

Find out more about independent living

Action on Disability is a Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) based in Hammersmith & Fulham. They are led by Disabled people, for Disabled people.

In this video David Buxton, who is the Chief Executive of Action on Disability, talks about independent living.


In this video, David Deacon from the Direct Payment Support Service at Action On Disability, talks about how Direct Payments can enable independent living and the support available in Hammersmith & Fulham. 

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