Linking Hands

For living a better life

A new vision for services for people with learning disabilities. Linking hands enterprise has been formed by parents, and carers in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham as a social enterprise. They work to benefit adults with learning disabilities, providing services to family members, friends,  customers, and in doing so, hoping to make a profit. They reinvest profits into their members, and will continue to produce, and develop activities that improve lives. They will raise funds and accept donations, and these activities are for customers who are aged 18 to 65.

The purpose of ‘linking hands’ is to introduce opportunities, and variety for social interaction for customers. To enable families to spend time with other family members, and to have time and space to pursue their own interests. To avoid crisis, and to enable people with a learning disability to lead full, and purposeful lives. They will improve the life chances of people with a learning disability, and can provide support to other carers and families. They will empower those who receive services to make decisions, and shape their own lives.

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Linking Hands
Other Phone numbers
0208 563 8683

Linking Hands, Rivercourt Project 17 Rivercourt Road, London
W6 9LD
United Kingdom


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