Harley Street Health Centre

Providing healthcare at your convenience, the Harley Street Health Centre offer 7-day walk in service, private GP and referral service, sexual health testing, 24-hour test results, and many other services. Expect experienced and friendly doctors, a knowledgeable team, fast results and convenient appointments for your medical needs.

The Harley Street Health Centre also incorporates an in-house therapy service which allows their therapists to receive referrals from their doctors, specialists and self-referring clients. The combination of medical practitioners and experienced therapists means they are able to provide a holistic approach to emotional wellbeing where this is needed. It also means they can tailor their approach to the client’s needs and preferences by drawing on the expertise of different disciplines under one roof.


    Harley Health Centre has two conveniently located clinics in central London on Harley Street and in the City of London.

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    Harley Street Health Centre
    Other Phone numbers
    020 3811 7431

    Harley Street Area, 13 Queen Anne Street, London
    W1G 9JH
    United Kingdom

    Opening times

    8am - 6:30pm Monday - Friday


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