Travel care and support services

The travel care and support service is the central point of contact for service users, their parents, carers, schools, day services, the provider, and the provider’s staff.

The team works closely with the special education needs service, adult social care, the looked after children and care leavers’ service and the disabled children’s service to commission quality travel care services.

What are our aims?

Our vision is to promote and deliver high-quality and efficient travel care and support, which cares for and understands the needs of the users rather than just about providing transport.

We want to ensure that children, young people and adults are:

  • supported, where possible and appropriate, to be assisted to travel independently
  • picked up on time, arrive at school, day services or college on time, and are taken home on time
  • safe, protected and their needs are met.

The services we provide are:

  • home to school or college travel arrangement for children and young people with special educational needs
  • travel care for adults attending day centres
  • travel arrangements for children and young people in care.

How do I apply for travel assistance?

Parents and carers of young people can contact the Special Educational Needs service.

Adults or their carers can contact the day centre manager or social worker.

Contact us

If you already use the service and have any questions or comments, contact us on 0208 753 3667 or email

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