Equipment and changes to your home

Equipment and gadgets

Equipment and adaptations can help you live more independently and confidently at home and in your community.

For example if you find it difficult to carry out everyday tasks such as washing, dressing and cooking or moving around your home. Or if you are caring for someone who has difficulties.

Whatever you're having difficulty with there is probably a piece of equipment that can help. There are many types of equipment designed to help with different day-to-day activities. Here are just a few examples:

  • shower boards and bath seats
  • trolleys for carrying things between rooms
  • special beds and chairs for high-need residents
  • raised toilet seats and commodes
  • grab rails
  • wall-to-floor rails
  • replacement taps if eligible
  • portable ramps to steps.

Local pharmacies or GPs often offer advice and brochures to help you choose home equipment.

Home adaptations 

A home adaptation can help to give you more freedom into and around your home and make it easier to use essential facilities in your home. 

This normally includes work where structural changes are needed to your home. 

For example:  

  • fitting a stair lift  
  • replacing a bath with a walk-in shower or fitting an over bath shower 
  • adapting your home for wheelchair use (for example, widening doors, installing ramps or a ceiling track hoist).

How do I apply for equipment or an adaptation to my home? 

See assessments for equipment to find out more.

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