Assistive technology

Assistive technology is equipment and services which can be provided to help you live more safely and as independently as possible at home.

The types of equipment and service that are available include, but are not limited to:

  • Careline telecare service
  • memory aids and tools
  • property exit sensors and personal locators.


When triggered, Telecare can alert your carer, family member or a monitoring centre that something has happened to you.

Telecare includes:

  • alarm pendants worn around neck or wrist - if you have an accident at home or are taken unwell you can press a button on the pendant to call for help 
  • sensors which raise an alarm if it detects fire, smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, or an overflowing sink or bath 
  • bogus caller alarms to enable you to get help if you are worried someone is trying to gain unauthorised access to your home.
  • fall detectors, bed occupancy sensors and epilepsy sensors for people who may become ill suddenly, or collapse - these sensors can detect if you have fallen suddenly or are having a seizure and can automatically call for help.

Memory aids and tools

If you have an impairment of your memory, these devices can help you remember to do things: 

  • medication reminders.
  • devices that play a verbal prompt when motion is detected - for example, when you are leaving home, to remind you to take your keys with you, or lock your door.
  • timed reminder devices –  plays video or audio reminders at set times of the day or night. 

Property Exit Sensors

People who experience severe memory issues, can sometimes become disorientated and leave their home. Property exist sensors may be provided to inform family or informal carers that a person has left their home, so that they can help them to return to their home safely. Please note that property exit sensors are not appropriate for everyone an assessor may be required to conduct a Mental Capacity Assessment to determine if providing a Property Exit Sensor is an appropriate measure. Depending on the person’s circumstances, they may also need to have the Careline Service installed, as Careline may need to contact a person’s family or informal carer (see Careline Service).

Safer Walking Devices

A Safer Walking Device (GPS) can alert your family or carer if you become lost whilst out in the community. Safer Walking Devices allow you to share your location with your relatives or carers.

Safer Walking Devices come in different forms such as items that can be carried in a pocket, or worn as a bracelet, pendant, or watch.

Please note that exit sensors and Safer Walking Devices are not safe for everyone to use and this will be discussed at your assessment.

Hammersmith and Fulham is unable to provide responders for Property Exit Sensors or Safer Walking Devices and therefore there must be at least two local, reliable responders available, who live locally, before provision of a Property Exit Sensor or Safer Walking device can be considered. Other considerations must also be made, such as the person’s ability to cross the road safely.

Who can benefit from using assistive technology?  

If you have a disability or illness that limits your independence, technology can help you stay safe and support you to maintain or improve your independence. 

How to get alarms and telecare equipment 

You can be referred for an alarm or equipment as a result of an assessment by Social Services. The person who carries out your assessment will be able to explain what is available and in many cases will be able to refer you directly to the Careline service, if appropriate. 

If any of the sensors or other equipment might be beneficial, your assessor will explore these options with you. This will ensure that together you choose the best solution to meet your individual needs and is safe for you to use. 

Careline is a chargeable service for many residents. If you do not want an assessment or following an assessment, you are not eligible for any support from your council, you can still be referred, or refer yourself, to the Careline service. 

However, many devices, such as telecare falls sensors are only able to be provided as part of a care assessment as these devices must be incorporated into your care plan.

Not all assistive technology and telecare devices require the Careline service to function. Hammersmith and Fulham does not charge residents for equipment and only the Careline service may be chargeable. Your assessor will discuss this with you during your assessment.

What do I need to get Careline installed?

For alarms see our careline page or call us on 020 8741 4008 or email us at

Further information

For information about assistive technology and telecare, including how to make a referral, call us on 020 8753 6492 or email us at

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